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Yankee Troller
July 5th, 2007, 07:18 AM
Fished out of Sandy Creek from 6am-12pm. Not sure the exact number we ran into, but it was a lot (Somewhere in the vacinity of 20 bites)! 50-130 FOW was the target area with 10 color cores being the best rig. Copper took its fair share out 300'-400'. Wires were HOT in the morning but cooled down towards the end of the day. Finally in the last 2 hours we got the riggers to fire consistently. Basically orange was the color today. ANYTHING with orange! Targeted the top 60 feet and the temp was in there too. No leaderboard fish, but we lost a 10lb steelie and boated a few 20lb kings. Everything else was teenage to skipper size. If I would have boated the Steelie we would have had a LO Grand Slam.