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July 12th, 2007, 09:22 AM
PINS = Padre Island National Seashore, located near Corpus Christi Texas...

Late, but oh well... :lol:

Headed down Friday evening with Ms. MC and Big Sherm, met Gringo and family around the 20mm, in hopes of finally landing some toothie critters this weekend.

We pull into camp late after making a quick stop for bait, gas and ice, soon after we arrived, Gringo fired up the gril to warm up the nice batch of Fideo Ms. MC had made the night before.

After BSing and a few cold ones, a stranger pulls up to camp and we all take a was PT and Ms. PT in stealth mode (new chevy Z71).....after a lot more beverages, we finally crash one by one in hopes of small surf, clean and weed free water and toothies!

When we woke, we had everything but small surf, but we delt with it in one way or another...Big Sherm ran some baits, i played in the water with my new Frenzy.....soon after a bait was deployed, Gringo was rewarded with a nice Jack....

The jack was just in time to be deplyed by PT's new LSS toy....yes, a freak'n zodiac!!!!

We start out just fine, then soon realize that we have some minor technical sharker engine issues and the motor dies on each bar....but starts up only to get through the gut and stall on the next bar....pretty freak'n fun ride in some nasty surf... :lol:

We finally get the jack head to the 3rd and drop, only to limp back to shore to find out the weight didn't stick. Big Sherm decides to yak it back out, he drops the bait and the wait begins.

What seemed like almost an hour, the 12/0 starts to sing like a fat lady at the opera, i get harnassed in and ready to battle...

only to be rewarded with a spit bait, but man, what a tug of war it was, with whatever the beast was..... :cry:

Later in the day, Big Sherm was rewarded with a small sharpnose which was CPR to bother someone else...

After a long day, Gringo and family took off to CC and we decided to run the jack back out.

We let it sit up until around 8pm going untouched, decided to reel it in and head back to SA....

All i can say again, is great time on the sand, with friends and family, can't beat it......till next time, tight lines and bent poles!

Obsessed 8)

July 12th, 2007, 01:45 PM
good read!

July 12th, 2007, 01:56 PM
Nice pics...... Looks like a blast.