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July 9th, 2002, 11:56 AM
As an outfitter in Alberta, Canada, I have an opportunity to buy bear bow tags (allocations) in a zone where baiting is not legal. I was wondering if you, as bow hunters, would ever consider doing spot and stalk spring or fall bear hunts. Do you think this would be too dangerous or difficult? Or do you think it would be a good investment as there might be a market for spot and stalk bear bow hunting?

Thanks for helping, Sherri

July 9th, 2002, 02:24 PM
I'm no expert on bear hunting as you probably know from my other post and I'm not familiar with the terrain in the Alberta, Canada though from what I understand it is very difficult to take a bear unless you're either hunting over bait or a food source.

Here in Georgia, baiting is not legal so the only effective method to bear hunting that I'm aware of is setting up over food sources that they have been frequenting as the forest are to dense to offer spot and stalk method.

If the terrain there offers spot and stalk opportunities I can see it being viable perhaps, especially if there is a reduced rate to be had for the hunter.

I know a lot of folks here in the US will not hunt over bait period so this may be a good option and selling point for these folks. Baiting has become a big issue here with the CWD issue confronting everyone.

I know there's a lot of these Georgia boys that head up to Canada, some on a yearly basis.

Like I said I'm no expert, just my $.02 for what it's worth, though good luck with which ever way you decide to go. :)

July 9th, 2002, 02:42 PM
Thanks for your reply, Huntnut.

My major concern is whether or not bowhunters would do spot and stalk hunts. I know that rifle hunters will but I am not too sure about bow hunters. The terrain here is Rocky Mountain foothills. Greg and I did a lot of scouting this spring and the spot and stalk method is certainly do-able. We saw many bear and were able to get within bow range without a problem. The tags that are available can ONLY be hunted with bow.

There are many cut blocks in the hunting zone and a lot of logging roads, pipelines, and oil lease roads to hunt from. I guess what I am trying to say is that although the forested areas are thick there are a lot of access roads so spot and stalk is not a problem.

Thanks for the well-wishes.

July 9th, 2002, 10:01 PM
Hey all,

Yes. I have shot and killed bear (both black and griz) with a bow. I have killed one blackie over a bait and the other stalked to a berry patch. The griz was a surprise (to me and the bear) on a game trail to my black bear bait. All three were taken with a 50# takedown recurve.

July 9th, 2002, 11:05 PM
"In a New York Minute". Are the areas huntable from roads or horseback, or ATV's?

Tell me of your track records of success in taking bears with rifle and bow. What about back up weapons during a bow only hunt? If allowed, what does your group use?

How difficult in bringing a bear back into the states?

Notice my avatar. I have been very close to a wild bear! That pic was taken at about 10-12yds. He had been as close as 4yds just before the pic! I don't know who was more nervous, the bear of me!

July 9th, 2002, 11:59 PM
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the responses. It really helps to get honest opinions.

L-Roy, I will try to answer your questions. The zone is huntable via roads, then quads or by foot. In the spring hunt the lease roads (roadsides) green-up first so the bears are usually hanging out right on the roadsides or in the clearcut logging areas that are accessable by road. One good thing is that the zone we would be hunting in is not heavily hunted for spring bear. The local residents are not big time bear hunters.

As far as backup weapons are concerned, the guide would be allowed to carry a rifle for the protection of his hunter but the hunter cannot use a rifle to take his bear - he must use a bow. In spring bear camp the hunters all carry bear spray which is quite effective.

There are no export permits needed to take a bear back to the States. Usually the bear is packed in a storage tub for the guest and taken home with him as extra luggage.

I did notice the picture. Nothing quite as exciting as hunting something that can bite you back (ha ha)

Whiteknife, living in Alaska you should have a lot of good hunting stories to share. Would love to hear some of them.

I'm glad to hear that there are some spot and stalk bear hunters. Maybe I should take a chance and buy those tags.


July 10th, 2002, 12:51 AM
I sure whould with out a secound thought but then agian i want to try a stalk a grizz and polar some day but then then agian alot of people say i am crazy for that owell its a dream i allso am trying to get into the video hunts and i want to posable spot and stalk all five spices of bear . contact me with some info about your business maybe i might book a hunt with you in the futer

Mike Rhinefield
July 14th, 2002, 05:12 PM
Vancouver Island, BC is spot and stalk only and has some of the best black bear hunting anywhere. Lots of bowhunters go there.

July 15th, 2002, 02:41 AM
Thanks, Mike, it's so good to be getting such positive replies to my posting. Think I had best buy those tags and hope for the best as far as getting bowhunters to fill them.

Thanks again, guys.

July 15th, 2002, 07:38 PM
As a certified trainer for the USGS on Bear Pepper spray and a longbow hunters, I have spot and stalked many bears and would not hesitate to do so again, I took a 9 foot Grizz in Alaska and have taken several, including some very large black bears in MT, it is no problem to spot and stalk bears, you just have to know the terain and such. It is a blast and I would not hesitte to do again.

Dave Parker
The Rangemaster

July 15th, 2002, 11:55 PM
I would, but them big ol skeeters here in hillbilly land would pack me off, lol. Be safe.
Shoot Straight
Derbytown :D

August 11th, 2002, 09:01 AM

August 12th, 2002, 10:48 AM
Boy, I sure hope you guys are right because I just bought all 8 allocations for spot and stalk with a bow in this area. The hunting zone starts at the border of Jasper National Park and there are great bears in the area. I can use the tags for spring bear or fall bear so if any of you guys have an urge to hunt Spot and Stalk with a bow this fall I can give you a great deal :D And if you are interested in next spring - just let me know!

Thanks for all your replies it sure helped me in my decision!


August 13th, 2002, 02:28 AM
I live in Alaska and i have hunted and killed bears spot and stalk, and its not difficult, just make sure you make a good shot and you give the bear plenty of time to bed down and die. I think that when executed properly with a good sharp broadhead and a well hit, bows can do the job just as good as rifles. Also i think that one of the biggest problems is that people dont give their game enough time to die. Especially bears, a wounded bear can run FOREVER i kid you not, i know for experience. I f you know you made a real good shot, give him at least an hour, and if it is marginal, give him at least 6 hours because their is nothing worse, or dangerous then tromping through the woods and watching a bear run over the next 2 mountains. So, give the bear his time and go kill some and post pics.

Adam Barrett


August 13th, 2002, 10:53 PM
Hi: I've hunted black bear here in Ontario both over bait and stalking. I loved both. One thing you forgot to mention....
How do we contact you to set up hunts???

August 14th, 2002, 01:44 AM
My web site is still in the process of being built so I cannot give you an URL for that, yet. But you are welcome to email me and I will give you any information you want. My email address is sherrid@telusplanet.net

Hope to hear from you!
High Ridge Outfitters