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Outdoor Gal
February 1st, 2004, 11:07 PM
Hey Ladies! I got to shoot my very first REAL 3-D shoot today! :D (a couple of weeks ago, 15 marked-yardage targets indoors was my only other 3-D type shooting experience) What a rush! :D There were probably about 20 women shooting in my class (freestyle), several women shooting traditional, and I think a few women in other classes as well. I didn't shoot with any of those other women, but spotted them here and there on the course, and saw their names and scores on the board at the end of the shoot. There WAS a female "cub" in my group though! ;D I didn't know the other members of my group, but we were all cheering for the 2 little kids. The little boy and girl were cousins, I think. So neat to see families doing quality things together, and really working to help the kids in a positive way, seeing those big smiles on young faces and all! :D

At first, there was thick ice on the puddles and heavy fog to add some "realism" to the course. Later, the sun came out and it warmed up.... AHHHhhh, that sure feels nice after freezing fog! :D

I can hardly believe how much fun I had, hiking around through a variety of terrain, challenging myself with some tough shots, the thrill of hitting the occasional 10-ring, the "buzz" of myself and the female "cub" successfully hitting the bonus target (metal with foam center) while the guys missed, :D I'd been a bit nervous about the shoot, as I'm so new to archery and don't have experience judging yardage. I stuffed 13 arrows into my quiver figuring I just might need all of them! ;D But, I didn't lose any arrows, and only "blew up" one arrow from glancing off a target and hitting a tree! ;D I still have so much to learn about even simple things like scoring (I discovered I lost 12 bonus points from not filling out the score card correctly, for example) but I can hardly wait to try 3-D again! :D I won't say what my score was, (after all, there's some GOOD 3-D shooters here! ;D) but at least I didn't have the worst score of my category today, so I'm pretty content with how I did! :D

So, you other "newbies" out there, if I can do it, you can do it! :D Go shoot some foam! :D

By the way, the gentlemen in my group (I'd guess them to range from 30- 50-ish) truly were gentlemen and sportsmen. They were being great role-models for those kids, and were great ambassadors for archery. Nice to give credit where credit is due! :D

February 2nd, 2004, 02:08 PM
Glad you had such an awesome time. I too love 3d archery. I truely live for the weekends:D :D My husband, two kids and myself will shoot almost every weekend from now till august. My daughter and I will be leaving friday morning for the ASA in Gainesville, FL....wish us luck

keep us posted on your shooting!!!!!!!!!!

February 2nd, 2004, 03:31 PM
Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. We need more female 3-Ders!I too, LOVE 3-D archery!!!
It is my favorite archery sport! Great exercise also!!
I use a compound bow.
Just last week we shot when the temperature was a balmy -8 degrees. I was dressed in six layers, so I didn't mind the cold.
We have a great time each week. Our leagues average around 87 shooters each week.
Good luck to you and keep having fun! Fun is the name of the game!


Outdoor Gal
February 2nd, 2004, 06:38 PM
Thanks 3dmama and LadyRobinHood! :D I appreciate the "encouragement"! :D Sounds like several of you that post here are pretty serious about the competition side of 3-D, as well as other forms of archery competition, yet certainly remember you're out there having FUN! :D It looks like there's several new/beginner women archers posting here lately, so maybe there'll be a few more "new recruits" before long! :D

If the other "newbies" are like me, they have no idea what you ladies are talking about when those letter combinations for types of competitions, and catagories of shooting are used, but we're behind you all the way! :D Good shooting to ALL of you! :D Bravo, Cheers, Way to GO! (That was some of your cheering section, in case you couldn't tell! :D )

By the way, please don't hesitate to "enlighten" those of us who are unfamiliar with your particular catagory or type of competition, when a good opportunity presents itself! :D It's nice to learn stuff, so we can understand what you're talking about, and what we might be interested in trying, once our skills develop! :cool:

Thanks again, and safe travels and lots of fun to all of you! :D