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September 20th, 2007, 07:24 PM
Several months ago I had put up a WTB for a bow case. Ciscokid had gotten in touch with me and told me that he had one coming and that he would send me his old one. Well one thing after another happened to delay his new one from arriving and I had not worried too much about it since I wasn't going to be able to hunt much this year as I am trying to finish up my degree. Well, here it is a few moths later and he sends me some gift cards so that I can go out and buy a bow case!! :thumbs_up I had forgotten all about him offering to send me one and was only going to think about it next year. Nope he stood behind his word and got me taken care of. What a guy!

I'm telling you what it is amazing that there are such good people on this site that are willing to help out folks they have never met in person, but have come to call their good friends! I count Ciscokid as a close friend and he is another shining example of Archers helping Archers. :D

Thanks Bud! You are the best! :shade: