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: Monster Phoenix Strikes Again

Gypsy Rover
October 28th, 2007, 09:55 PM
Well, She struck again- this time my 6 year old daughter was in the tree with me- this was a first time for her- she normally helps me bloodtrail, but this is the first time she saw it coming in, I shot it, we trailed it and field dressed it.

I thought this was a big doe, and it is kinda strange, but it came in, shot it through both lungs (still amazed by the whole Slick Tricks make) and when we found it, it had little tiny (about 1 inch) antlers- in fact one of them adtually had 2 tines on it. The deer was clearly at least 2 years old, if not 3. It did have a broken rear foot, right above the ankle, long healed, but the deer still favored it, as you could tell when it came in. Oh well, still a legal kill, being considered antlerless- still have one tag left for the big boy!

BTW- Elizabeth said she wanted to name it, and I was worried about that whole naming thing, till she told me she wanted to name him DINNER!

3 shots, three deer down- The Phoenix rules!

Sorry the pics a blurry, my camera phone is getting a bit used up!