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February 2nd, 2003, 07:37 PM
Gadget, gimmick ????? I BEG YOUR PARDON!

I have been seeing a lot of posts about the Magnock. I have also read some good things about them. I tried them for three days and here is my oppinion:

Here comes the history lesson:

In 1967 I was at a NFAA National in Salinas, California and this guy named Freddie Troncoso, you may know him, had a gadget called a release, that he had invented. Or re-introduced. It enabled us, the archers of the world to release the string without having to worry about how well our fingers came off. That invention and other similar inventions of that time changed archery forever. All of a sudden I could compete with the best! In my estimation, the Magnock is one of those. It has taken away the inconsistency of nock wear, serving wear and torque that the string may transmit to the arrow as it leaves the bow. The Magnock is a HUGE advancement in archery that enables us to quit worrying about how tight the nock is on the string, if a nock is crooked and other concerns we used to have about nocks. It is taken care of! Every nock leaves the string with the same 4.5 ounces of pull in hot, cold, up, or down no matter what. Nothing else on the market can do that! All of these factors effect group size, arrow oscillation and down range velocity. I do believe that these are some of the most important things in bow set-up. We all have to aim! Try to imagine the feeling of comfort in knowing that there is no inconsistency in how your arrow leaves the string, Now, it is all up to you. Aim like a statue and know the arrow will go right where it is aimed. End of sermon. If you havenít tried them you are missing something. BIG TIME! If you need more info go to their web site or contact me as I am also a dealer. TODAY! or I don't know where to put this but I will also put it the Manufacturers announcements. Do you yourself a favor! Try them! How can you go wrong for 20 bucks?