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January 21st, 2009, 11:56 AM

Thumbs up Free Rut Junkie Hats/DVD
Choose a number between 1-300 & post it here. Closest gets it! Will draw the winner in 1 week on the 24th. Winner gets their choice of one of the 3. Good Luck!


2 New Hat Styles are now available from Rut Junkie. I think the hats turned out really well. One is a Realtree AP and the other is a Casual Navy/White with mesh backing. Both are low profile and fit real well.

More pictures are on the site...

Hows about 119.

Contest is Closed! Alright... I just drew the number... 119

Congrats to bacon27 for nailing it. I'll be sending you a PM for you shipping info & the choice of item.

Thanks so much for all the interest and for the orders from the guys who couldn't wait. I'll have another contest here really soon!

OMG that is awesome, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do things like this. I shall enjoy the DVD thoroughly!


First let me say that I'm terribly sorry about not posting sooner. I personally thanked Joey in a PM but I had no idea this forum existed. I won the chance to choose a prize & I chose the DVD.

Joey was terrific to deal with and true to his word. I even got to give suggestions for their next video. Was a great DVD and well put together. Looking forward to seeing more from the Rut Junkies crew!

Joey Rott
February 9th, 2009, 03:43 PM
Glad you liked it & thanks for the feedback! It was much appreciated.