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Bow cat 349
February 7th, 2009, 11:34 PM
40 Rinehart targets for sale pm me for details

February 9th, 2009, 12:05 PM
post up some pics of what you have. dont have to be all of them just a few of what you got so we can see. thanks

February 11th, 2009, 10:33 PM
PM sent

pop-up addict
February 15th, 2009, 06:38 PM
I would ike some of them. WIll you sell a few of them or does it have to be all of them? Post a list of what you have and what you want for them.

August 31st, 2010, 08:16 PM
do you still have these,thanks mark

August 31st, 2010, 09:46 PM
I would be interested in one for the little lady. Price for a deer target?

September 1st, 2010, 09:45 AM
send a price for 20, i know a club that maybe intrested