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July 22nd, 2009, 09:05 PM
Whent to shoot some bows today,First bow was the PSE bowmadness 7'' brace bow.WOW pse has relly come around the bow is the best feeling bow I have ever had in my had and quality finish and looks very user friendly with the center mark on the rest area of the bow and multiple site holes.The speed seemed very fast for a single cam pull was smooth.I was however dissappointed in the shock and vibration of the bow after the shot.It was fairly quiet for the amount of shock the bow had.Then I shot the hoyt alpha max with the exact same arrows as I shot through the madness.The alpha max felt glike a great bow in the had not quit as nice feeling as the pse but still very good.Quality looked great as normal for a hoyt.The big difference bettween the 2 bows the alpha max has alot better solid wall and is alot more shock free very smooth and quiet upon the release.So my lowdown is if you are trying to decide between the two is by the alpha max if you have the money but both seemed like great bows