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    I have also acquired an old 91 PSE Starfire II,...

    I have also acquired an old 91 PSE Starfire II, but cannot get cable for it either, would love any suggestions if anyone has any on how to get it back up and going, bought it on ebay for almost...
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    Stupid Question?

    I realize most believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, but as a seasoned instructor I can tell you that is a lie! So here we go, I know the time frame is ridiculous, but I thought I...
  3. Help, Old PSE unknown, need to make cable & find manual mod etc.


    I hope I can find my way back to here since I am somewhat tech impaired on this whole thing.

    I bought an Old PSE, it looks like an XB series 150 pound, but I am not sure. It has a...
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