Jennings Devastator

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    Jennings Devastator

    I know this is an old xbow but I picked up one yesterday for 25 bucks.
    I stopped by the bow shop and had the guy check it over and he said that all was good and safe to shoot. He can make up arrows for 6.50 each is that about right on the price? Also I would like to put a scope or dot on it anyone fab their on mounts for this thing?



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    if I remember...

    correctly the original Devatator used 2219 aluminum arrows
    being a tracless design it uses bow nocks not crossbow nocks.

    In order to mount the scope there was an accessory that was mounted on top of the trigger box (sort of rail from trigger box to top of riser)

    I have never handled one personally so I do not know for sure but my guess is that a similar mount could be easily fabricated if you have some basic tools and skills.


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    Thanks Mirko

    I'll make sure the dude sets me up correctly w/ 2219's I think he said they were special knocks so that's good.

    I'm L/O'd right now and I know this is a dinosaur but it's in mint condition, something to work on and setup for low $.


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    Danny Miller, USA warranty rep for Excal speaks highly of this bow and has some often hard to find minor parts for them, call him at [740] 483-2312 if you need help.

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    This bow was also marketed as the Bear Devestator. It is certainly one of the best crossbows ever produced. The original scope base was a piece of weaver rail that spaned from the trigger assembly to the riser. I would suggest using a piece of 6061 flatstock and then moumting a weaver base on to that. It came with 2219 aluminum arrows with beefed up nocks. I've been using Easton uni nocks on my Devestator for many years now with no problems.

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    wow i'de like to see pics of that one.........

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    WOW! Thanks for the info Guys.
    I'll get some pic's up.

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    Here's my attempt to upload the pics.

    Thanks for the guys number Awshucks

    Thanks for the info Machineman its nice to know I can use the Uni Knocks for this thing the other ones they price like gold. Also whats the best arrow length and broad-head (type and weight) to use?

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    I think I got it this time.

    Not mint condition but it's in good condition I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by machineman View Post
    It came with 2219 aluminum arrows with beefed up nocks. I've been using Easton uni nocks on my Devestator for many years now with no problems.
    I don't mean to be disrespectful of your own experience with using regular arrow nocks, but that's highly not recommended and I think you've been lucky that either a string or a nock hasn't blown up on you..

    Regular nocks like the Easton Super Unis are made for a much thinner strang than you'd want to use on a crossbow like this.

    PRIMBOW: I'd strongly suggest you use the proper nocks - they are for 2219 arrows and are a press-fit, no bushing required. They are much beefier and also have a wider throat to fit the thicker string. Arrows for this bow should be 23", but some older models used a different rest and you could use 22" on them.

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    Hey Thanks Stash for the information.

    This helps for when I go get the arrows, it's a good shop that's been around for a long time and he new about the knocks. Looking online I see that 2219''s should be used because thinner walls failed when they first started out with this design. I don't know about the uni other than I understand that press fit would eliminate play. I've never shoot a crossbow so I'm looking forward to working with this one & I'm learning as I go.

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    Pretty cool deal. Functioning bow for $25. I hope it shoots well.

    Let us know how it groups after you get it fully set up???

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    Me too, will see next week hopefully. I bought it at one of those bargain stores were people rent booths.

    Bought an old whitetail hunter last year for 20 bucks and gave to the neighbors kid.

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    The bow originaly came with 4 arrows wich were quickly used up. I couldn't find that type of nock for love of money so I tried some 2514 super slams that were cut to short for my vertical bow. That was about 18 years ago. I also replaced the original rest with a Wisker Bisket. I can't say the uni nocks are a great solution but they will work if the originals can't be found.

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    Hey Machineman

    I understand the Knock issue we work with what we have. If I can't find the knocks or this guy who's making my arrows use's them I'm going for it. If he's got the original ones that's the way I'll go. It's like most anything, we choose to take the risk like putting cheaper parts on a car and not the spec parts. The uni may be heaver built than what they offered 20 years ago. From what I can tell it's the tube wall and the hard plastic in the knocks that's important plus press fit.

    I would like to know how many out there with PSE Foxfire's & Devastator's use the UNI knocks. I now people still have these xbows and use them even tho there 20 plus years old.

    Thanks for the Info.

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    Maybe you guys can help.

    Whats the FPS for this bow 280?

    And anyone have or know were to download a owners manual?



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    Esclade sports bought out Bear Archrry and they now service the Bear Devestor.
    I had zero luck dealing with them

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    Machineman I went to my local shop and ask them to build me up a few arrows I be darned if they didn't took me over to a box full of Eastons 2219 w/ the PSE knocks. They had every arrow for the old xbows 3 & 4 fletched and the different lengths. It was like they came from Easton that way or maybe they just built up a bunch for the session. I don't know if they mail stuff but if anybody needs me to check I will.

    And they were 5.50 each

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    Jennings Devastator

    I am new to this forum and came here while searching for others who may use the Jennings Devastator. I have owned mine since 1992 and I love it. I have never used a compound bow, but the crossbow works for me. I have taken a large list of creatures with my crossbow, the best shot was at 87 yards. Hit dead on and brought down a trophy eight point whitetail. If you start using yours, you will get hooked. Enjoy.

    Jared the Brave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRIMBOW View Post
    I think I got it this time.

    Not mint condition but it's in good condition I think.
    WOW!!!! pretty damn cool!!

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    Jennings Devastator

    I am having the same problem as everyone else if anyone has anymore information on getting the nocks or bolts I would greatly appreicate it. I called the number in the previous post and no answer or voicemail.

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    The nocks are still avaliable but can be hard to find we have a very limited number at the shop just made a guy a dozen for his devastator today gotta line it up in the morning... This bow is a neat consep if jennings or bear would redo and update I belive they would have somethang that would put other X-bows a run for there money<-----<<<-
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    Same as PSE nocks?

    They sound like they are the same nocks used on the old PSE xbows like the Starfire.

    I had 5 bolts(2219) with these nocks, but gave them to a friend that has a Starfire a couple weeks ago.

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    Made my first bow kill...

    ...with a Devestator. Thing shot hard and took the doe down within 40 yards. Good luck and have fun, it is a looker.

    Elite E35

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    Jennings Devastator Arrows and Nocks has arrows made for the Jennings Devastator crossbow. They are roughly $45 a dozen for 22" 2219 straight fletched with the 7006 nocks. Can't do it yourself for this price. Also, for the do it yourselfers out there, the nocks can be found easily by doing a google search for "PSE crossbow nocks". Hope this helps. I myself have recently gotten my hands on a Devastator, so I've been doing alot of research and have fabricated a scope rail that works but I'm not really happy with it. I'll probably come up with one closer to the original to give me more arrow clearance. I saw a pic of one with a whisker biscuit mounted on the front of the riser, looks like something I might try also. I've been trying to sight the scope in for the past week and with practice points it is fast and deadly accurate, but put a broadhead on it and god only knows where it might hit. I've tried right helical and straight 4" fletchings with the same results. I've been shooting a 100 grain point, so next I might try a heavier point and maybe some quikspin vanes. Still searching for a carbon equivalent for the 2219 shafts. It would have to have the same I.D. and spline strength of around 330. I'll let you know if I can come up with something.

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