What is the best bowstring material


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    Question What is the best bowstring material

    I am wanting to change my son's bowstring on his Hoyt Protec. What is the best material out there 8125, 450+ or 452x and for what reason?


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    If it's an increase in speed you desire for your son (possibly to boost his kinetic energy) then 8125 is the way to go. However, you'll spend more time adjusting his bow due to stretch-related issues and the bow will be louder. If you want a quieter string that you won't have to adjust after the normal break-in period, then 452x is the way to go. I personally use 8125 on my 3d rigs, but all of my hunting bows are 452x. I have no opinion on 450+ as I've never used it.

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    I have had great luck with 452x material. Minimal break in, consistient peep alignment. Good stuff.

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    Lately, Brownell Ultracam has been overlooked in favor of 452X. Ultracam is a great material with the same properties and performance characteristics as 452X, but it is a bit less expensive.

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