The State of Virginia Archery


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    The State of Virginia Archery


    The 2009 Virginia archery competition season is rapidly drawing to a close, and the leadership of the two predominant Virginia archery organizations, the Virginia Bowhunters Association (VBA) and the Virginia Field Archery Association (VFAA), will soon turn to planning next year’s events. In some cases that planning has already begun, and it faces the usual obstacles brought on by the inability of the two organizations to work together. Scheduling conflicts continue to be rampant affecting the number of shooters attending a given event, including shooters from nearby states who might attend Virginia events if not facing a home state event. A large number of Virginia shooters will not participate in the “other” organization’s events, and this reduces the amount of dollars that help sustain archery programs. Efforts have been made in the recent past to get the two organizations to sit down together, and resolve the many known existing problems in the Virginia archery community. Solutions have included bonding together to form one organization, and sitting down together to schedule events, so that conflicts will not be so prevalent. Having one organization will save the individual archer money, and will set Virginia archery on the right path for the new century. Neither organization has made a visible effort to seriously address these concerns
    This is the time to move forward with solving the existing problems, as both organizations have new leaders. It is up to the new leadership to look to the future to resolve these problems, to address directly the growth of archery, to encourage more people, especially children, to take up archery, and to do away with the past prejudices and attitudes that are a heavy weight on Virginia archery. To make the changes, or even to make overtures to sit down and discuss these ideas, will require each leadership element to “Man Up” and approach the other organization to get things started. Failure to do so will insure that Virginia archery blunders along, and will mark the current tenure of each leader as a failure.

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    I just spoke to dave burpee yesterday about this topic.having been around a few of the vba founders and families I wonder if two state organizations was thier intent? sure wish a resolution would happen. oh well, as a member of two organizations I have the option of attending eight state tournys in one year and a banquet.

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    Va Archery

    I hope you all can get everything figured out.

    My club is an ASA Club in Central Virginia.
    Many of our shooters would also like to attend your orginizations events.
    For this reason I have been in contact with some of your clubs and inquired about the 2010 schedule.

    They have told me the same things mentioned in your post.
    We have decided to put off finishing our 2010 schedule until other Virginia Clubs have theirs worked out.

    We want to have the least amount of schedule conflicts as possible.

    Growing the sport and fostering new archers should be everyones number 1 priority.
    I wish you luck in your endeavor and will have our schedule posted as soon as the rest of Virginia is finished with theirs.

    Coyote Creek Archers
    The Original Bling Sling
    Level 3-NTS Coach, USA Archery
    Mathews Factory Staff, Zeiss Sports Optics Pro Staff
    AAE Staff, I Shoot A STAN and a Mathews Halon X Pro

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    My $$$$ is going to the VFAA at least they're NFFA, affilated ,and the Vba is not . The VFAA has better shoots

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