How to pack ol'man treestand


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    How to pack ol'man treestand

    I cant figure out how to pack up my original ol'man climber! There is just straps all over the place! Could someone tell me how to do it, or just post some pictures of theirs all packed up?

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    You have the foot straps on the bottom platform that are attached to a cinch strap that hangs beneath the seat portion of the climber. You also have the tether strap that holds both sections together. The back part of each stand section also has a strap to secure to the tree, and the back of the seat platform has two backback straps to carry the stand.

    Here is how I pack mine up.

    Place the seat section on the ground and fold the arms outward so that they are resting on the ground.

    Move the the seat webbing to the front of the stand. Note it helps to seal off the webbing at the end that is closest to the front on the stand...i.e. the section that your legs hang over while you are position in the tree. I used simple zip ties to close mine off. Closing off the webbing makes a nice pocket for the platform section to sit in, which we will get to next.

    Place the bottom/platform section inside of the seat section that is on the ground. The front of the platform goes inside of the seat webbing pocket. It helps to keep the platform folding arms/suspension cable open until this section is secured in the webbing pocket.

    Put the platform suspension cable in the appropriate folding arrm and secure with the clip. Make sure that the folding arms/cable on the platform are folded inward as far as possible.

    Now you are realy to secure the suspension cable and and fold in the arms on the seat section.

    Note that suspension cables on both sections should be slide down the arm to the last guide and secured with the clips. If you leave the cables out to far it will be awkward during transport.

    Use a bungeee cord to hold everything down. The bungee cord should be secured to the side rails of the seat section and pulled over the platform that is resting in the webbing pocket. It helps to have the bungee cord secured in the middle of the siderails on the seat section. Your stand should have come with a rubber coated bungee. If you don't have it, a regular bungee will work.

    Lift the secured stand and use the backback straps on the back of the seat section to carry it.

    Hope this helps.

    If this is confusing or you are still having trouble, send me a PM and I will send you some step by step photographs.

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    That's what i do. Lay the seat part on the gound, put the foot part inside that, fold-in all the arms, and put a bungee across it (really tight).
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    I took the straps that came with mine off , and put on a pair of shoulder straps from a military ruck pack .

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    I put the foot par inside the net seat an also cross the cables that go around the tree...i put the seats into the foot part an the foot part into the seats hole works good

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