Best Archery Rangefinder?


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    Best Archery Rangefinder?

    You know we all shoot fairly short when in the woods, so what is the best randefinder for hunting?

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    Range Finder

    I love my Nikon 550. Havent really used any others except i did buy the Archers Choice by Nikon but i didnt really like it so i returned it plus it only went up to 100yards and i wanted one that was more universal. but give Nikon 550 a try.

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    thanks ill check it out

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    Another vote for the Nikon Rifle Hunter 550

    Then Nikon Archers Choice is an excellent rangefinder for the money if you're sure you'll never want to range anything beyond 100 yards. If you're like me and want to range farther (I'm also a rifle hunter) then the 550 is tough to beat. Very clear and bright, compact, lightweight, simple to use, easy on batteries. I was ranging in the dark this evening on 3D targets and it worked fine.
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    440 and 550

    I have two Nikons: 440 and 550.

    • Why two? because I have four hunters in my house

    • Why Nikon? target acquisiton-fastest, most consitent that I could find and I compared everything out there

    Before you spend the extra $$$ on the Nikon Archery Range Finder. Do some research. I believe the animal has to be at 80 degrees+ from your position before the yardage adjuster kicks in.

    Good luck!

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    Nikon 550 works well and is easy to use. You can get on at for $188 now. I got mine at Dick's for 199 on a no tax weekend.

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    Love my Nikon Archer's Choice...
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    My Nikon 440 has been top notch - simple and accurate.
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    leupold Rx-2, has bow mode and rifle mode. Can't be beat imo

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    Bushnell Scout ARC 1000, bow mode, gun mode 4 -1000 yards
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    I love my Nikon 440.

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    For bowhunting I like the Archers Choice. SIMPLE. One easy to read, large number in the middle of the screen. Some other brands give 3 small numbers at the bottom. Hard to read and could be confusing. (30 yds (horiz distance) 33 yds (actual distance) 35 degrees.) I'm lazy and don't want to have to think about which number to use. For other hunting I like the 550 for the same reason. Easy to read.

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    Nikon Buckmasters, not sure of the model #. I'm too lazy to go look

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    I have just bought the Leupold RX-750 and think it is the second best I've used, RX-1000 DNA TBR is the best, but makes no difference a bow ranges, only long range rifle stuff is where the 1000 comes into it's own. Save yourself the money and buy the RX-750 unless your a sniper.

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    in a tree

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    Leupold RX series.
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    Nikon riflehunter ironically.

    If you are buying new, no reason not to have angle compensation and no reason to limit range (ie archer's choice model). And Nikon quality is better than the others.
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    Opti-logic Micro 1 = perfection in a range finder I have them for $215 TYD (Retail is $299)
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    nikon archer's choice is what i have and love it it read to .2 of a yard and is perfect for bowhunting and very accurate, mine will read to 182 yard but i have never check the accuracy out past 100.
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    leupold rx series

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    Quote Originally Posted by altman View Post
    My Nikon 440 has been top notch - simple and accurate.

    I've had mine for _years_. Use it for archery and rifle hunting.
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    I love my Nikon Archer's Choice as well. I got a better price on the Archer's Choice because of a misprinted price that was honored. I got it over the 550. I think any of the Nikon rangefinders are excellent.

    I had a Leupold RX-II, and I had some issues with it's consistency. Worked great on larger objects but not very good on smaller hairy critters. Overall a good rangefinder, but I prefer the way the Nikon functions. The Leupold seemed to be 1 to 2 yards different than my Nikon every time. Not much, but it was irritating.

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    I love my Luepold RX1000i, Super bright image and the illuminated reticle is REALLY helpfull in low light! I also have an Anrchers Choice Nikon but I found myself putting it back in my pack during the last say 30min of shooting light, you could see the reticle against light objects in low light but would lose it against trees or game animals.... Not an issue with that Leupold though :-)

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    Love my archers choice.

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