Does anyone make a red dot style sight that doesn't need batteries?


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    Does anyone make a red dot style sight that doesn't need batteries?

    I have a red dot on my ESC BE and absolutely love it! The problem is, here in the great state of ND it is illegal to hunt with a sight that takes batteries. Does anyone make a red dot style sight that doesn't use batteries? Do you know of any other sights that doesn't make the shooter look through a peep? I tried the No-Peep a couple of years ago...didn't like it at all.



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    Thanks for the links, pointer, but wow....a tad bit pricey!!!


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    Hey pointer
    Thanks for the links.
    Saw one at a Archery Show . They are great.And since i have a Weaver 50mm with 4 mo changes. I know what its like to keep a spare battery.

    Again Thanks
    Later Unk Bond

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