Tree stand weight limits


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    Tree stand weight limits

    Just a question for you bigger fellars. How much water does the weight limit on your stand hold to you? For instance my buddy is a tall drink and about 360. Would you allow him to hunt a 300lb max stand? Is it true they cut the weight limits in half of what they will really hold?

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    good question, i will be interested to see others responses to this. Personally, I will not go more than about 50-75 lbs above the weight limit
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    One engineering standard is to calculate what strength material you need, then double it to give yourself a safety margin.

    However, mathematical models are just that -models. Not reality. I laugh when I hear people talk about this and that calculation as though it is reality. There is a difference between a model and reality. I heard a great quote: "all models are wrong, but some models are useful." Now I would stay within the recommended weight limits if I were you (or him). You have too much to lose if there is a failure.


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    you can be sure that stand manufacturers test and build their stands to hold more weight than they are advertised to hold

    you can also be sure that if you exceed their recommended limits and something happens where it breaks or worse someone gets hurt ....dont call them for restitution
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    I am 6'7 355lbs and have hunted all sorts of stands with no problems. I use lone wolf, gorilla, and big game treestands all have worked well for me. The only thing I am leary about are screw in stakes. I have had some pop out of trees. So I only use climbing sticks. But no matter what I always wear a harness incase there is a failure.

    I also change out the hardware on my stands(nuts,bolts and cables) about every 3 years. Gives me alittle more peace of mind.

    Just my two cents

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    keep it up

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    Me and my buddy one time had a stand rated for 250#. I jumped on it and I'm 190# then he jumped on with me and he is 190#. Making 380#. We both jumped up and down on it at the same time to see if it would go. No problems at all. We just wanted to test it. By the way, we were 3ft off the ground in my front yard. LOL.... I'd say a 300# stand would easily hold 400# or more. I'd call a reputable company and find out. Nice buck in your avitar by the way. What part of Ohio you hunt??? I'm in butler county.

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    TMA Standards

    Just to let you all know, any stand that is built to TMA standards and carries their logo has to have a 2:1 safety factor. That means that if your stand has a 300lb weight limit that the TMA tested it to 600lbs and passed it. They have a pretty stringent set of standards (10 of them) that all stands must meet to be certified by their association. I have a copy of their weight-rating test is the reason I know the one for the platforms. The seats, safety-harnesses etc etc are all tested under different parameters. Hope this helps.
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    I'm 6'3 357 lbs. I use a titan climber, I have three ladder stands rated to hold 300 and one buddy stand rated for 500. I hjavnt had a problem at all in any of them. I did have a cheap ladder stand one time that flexed alot, returned it quick. other than that, I just pay attention to any new stands I climb and make sure there strong enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfries78 View Post
    I am 6'7 355lbs ...
    remind me to be nice to you.

    Yeah, I am sure there is a big built in saftey factor and since probably less than 5% of hunters willing to climb a tree are over 3 bills, the treestand companies probably thought the #300 was pretty safe. I think if its a decent quality stand, I wouldn't worry about it. If its a $40 Uncle Bob's model, I'd think twice about it. And either way, I'd be wearing a harness too.

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    I think the weight limits could be exceeded alittle. My bro in law works for a testing lab. They have tested treestands befor & in order to get the rateing they had to exceed it by 3 to 7 times according what the part was.

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    good to hear they hold more weight i use 350 lbs rated lone wolfs im about 275 not counting backpack and bow ...just a long fall from 20 ft and im always nervous but have jumped on mine in backyard 2 ft off ground and it held

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    In just about anything that is engineered to support human life, the engineers have safety factors that are used. Depending on the item a different safety factor is used. In my experienece 2 is pretty standard and possibly three.

    What that means is the design the stand so It can support 2 or 3 times the listed weight.

    good way to avoid law suits!

    If he's 360 and the stand is 300max you should be fine. however, if something does happen you will not be able to sue or anything because 300 lbs is listed.

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