Snort Wheeze Success?


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    Snort Wheeze Success?

    How many of you have harvested a deer due to use of a snort-wheeze call?

    I've seen it scare deer away on hunting shows, heard people say they had bucks "snort-wheezing" back at them... I've yet to see anyone say "I snort-wheezed and this buck came running".

    I have spent a lot of time in the stand watching many different bucks from pre to post rut and I have never witnessed a buck making this noise. I'm not saying they don't but I have never heard it and I have witnessed bucks make some nasty noises...

    I am not sold on this call at all.

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    I have used the sound of the snort wheeze and it has worked 1 time but I have only tried it 3 times maybe. I only use it as a last resort and I make the sound without a call. It's hard to explein, but it sounds like you are just saying the "F" sound with 2 short and one long sound. Sorta like when Ralphie said the F word in Christmas Story when they were chaning the tire with his dad.

    I have never personally heard that sound either in the woods, but I when a big one is outside your range and you have tried everything in your bad of tricks, it is worth a shot IMO.

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    I've used it as a last resort on occasions with limited success. Two years ago took the belly hair off a large 8 point. The buck was moving away and I did the call with my mouth. He came back and circled me at about 22 yards and then busted me as I drew the bow. He definitely would have moved on if not for the call. Sometimes there is no down side for trying it. Good luck.
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    2 years ago, I was hunting public land in KY. It was about an hour before dark and I was enjoying a beautiful, quiet, cool evening. When all of a sudden, I hear this long loud wheeze about 80-100 yards out in front of me. My first thought is, great, someone else is sitting right where I was expecting the deer to come from. However, I decided to grunt back just in case. As soon I did, it let out another long and loud snort wheeze and I grunted right back again. Before I could even put the call down, I could see a deer coming straight at me. He walked in all bristled up looking for a fight with a bush stuck in his horns and just walked around my stand for about 10 minutes. He was a nice 3 1/2 yr. old that only had half of a 130" rack. His left side was a deformed, straight up 2 points which caused him to be illegal where I was hunting because of a spread rule. But it definitely was one of the coolest things I have seen a buck do. I don't get to see much of that here in Bama because our rut is so long and drawn out and calling is not very effective most of the time.

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    Used it once on an ok 2.5 yo he looked but was un interested...

    I think this call works better for mature dominant bucks that are looking for have to find - likes to fight buck - a buck not looking for a fight or that doesnt think he is that tough may shy away from it...I will use as a last resort only...
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    I've used the snort wheeze to my advantage many times. If i have a buck at about 100 yards or so i always do it. I've never had a buck scare and most often they always come in. And if you've watched any of the major hunting videos over the last 5 years you can really see the evolution of the call. 5-10 years ago all everyone seemed to use was a simple hardwoods grunt tube or a type of can call. You're beginning to see a lot less can call and more resonating grunt tubes with the snort wheeze. I've got to say its pretty effective and there is no better feeling that getting a buck thats 100 yards away to do a 180 and come straight at you on a gallop. Amazing feeling.

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    As I was walking to the spot I was going to hunt, one foggy morning last season at about 6:30 am. daylight was just starting to break through and due to the fog, I could barely see 10 ft in front of me, I heard the weirdest noise I had ever heard before, just about 30 yds or so away, believe me it scared the you know what out of me, anyway as I crouched down and reach for my hunting knife, I heard it again only this time it was further away and off to my right, then again and off to the left but coming closer, when it finally dawned on me what it was,(I had just bought a weez call earlier in the week and watched the dvd that came with it) I had a sigh of laughter and relief!! Pulled out my own weez call and for close to an hr the two of us stood our ground (his higher than mine) and snorted at each other, with him inching closer by the minute to my left and right. All I could think of was the video of animals gone wild, you know the one where the huge buck fights with the man LOL, I finally saw him through the breaking fog and daylight skyline, he turned out to be a 6pt but I was never able to get a clear shot on him. But I did learn how reliable the weez call was in holding a buck, now it is one of the first calls in the pack.

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    Ive called in both of my largest bucks. One was with a Can call and a decoy, the other was with the Primos Snort Wheeze. Both deer come stomping in to me. This was on state land in michigans Upper peninsula.

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    2006 - November 2 - 164" 10 point comes over a hill with another giant buck - both chasing a doe - I snort wheeze - he breaks off the chase of the doe and makes a b-line to me from 100 yds away - He looks good on the wall. That's the very first time I used a snort wheeze.

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    Well I guess I'll have to try one out then.

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    I've never used one but I have witnessed a buck snort/wheeze. Last archery season two small bucks were chasing three does under my stand and this big bodied 8 point came in 20 yards to my right and was watching the show. All of a sudden, he stretched his neck out and gave two loud wheezes in the direction of the two smaller bucks. The subordinate bucks got the message and took off. I never could get a shot at the 8pt. but it sure was fun to see.

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    I grew up hunting in KY and I tried the Snort Wheeze on & off down there with no real success...I always thought it was kind of a gimmick call and never put any faith in it...A couple years ago I moved to Iowa, that was about the same time I started using the PRIMOS Buck Roar call and I've had great luck with the combo of the Roar & Snort Wheeze up here. Now dont get me wrong, I wont Snort Wheeze at a buck on Oct. 1st but when the pre rut starts cranking I use it alot and I've had nothing but great luck with it here in IA. I've called in numerous deer every year with it up here, towards the end of Oct. & throughout Nov. the Roar & Snort Wheeze have been nothing but great to me in Iowa.
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    I called in a 130s 8 point last year on Nov 4th using a snortwheeze to get his attention. Then a couple grunts and the can call. Also heard a buck make the "roar" sound while he was chasing a doe and a small buck came running in from behind. It was very loud , I couldnt believe it! If you catch a buck in the right mood, I think any of these calls can work.

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    shot my biggest to date in september last year by snort wheezing at him. if i hadnt he would have kept walking the field edge away from me. big believer in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erictski View Post
    Used it once on an ok 2.5 yo he looked but was un interested...

    I think this call works better for mature dominant bucks that are looking for have to find - likes to fight buck - a buck not looking for a fight or that doesnt think he is that tough may shy away from it...I will use as a last resort only...
    Just as Erictski said; my experience has been that the call works the best with dominant, mature bucks who are in a fighting mood. Based on a majority of the responses here that also seems to be the case.

    Last year I had the Primo's Scarface set up on the corner of a picked soybean field when a large bodied 4.5 year old 7 point with a screwed up rack approached. He came strutting in stiff legged. As he came within 15 yards of the decoy he began pawing the ground and snort wheezed 5 times. He did everything but attack the decoy. It was one of the coolest things I have seen in the field yet.

    Too this day I'm really regretting not shooting him, as I know he was a mature deer. He was a very large 5 pt on one side, but on the other side he only had his main beam and one other point which was approximately 11 inches long. I had passed this deer up the year before when he was a 3.5 and he only had the main beam on the one side.

    It was an instance where I had 7 full days in a row to hunt and this was the first day. I had several other trail camera pictures of a 160 and 170 class bucks and was going to hold out for them. Unfortunately killing them never panned out. Hopefully this buck is still alive and I can have an encounter with him again this year. Maybe the third times a charm.
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