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    Whitetail Hunts

    Hey guys I'm looking for some options on an out of state hunt for whitetails during September, or January. I'm from WI and I would like to hunt whitetails out of state for the first time, but unfortuenatly with my job I can't take vacation during October - December, so I'm stuck with the months of September, or January as options. What would be my best options for a trophy hunt? It can be either bow, gun, or muzzeloader hunt as I do all 3.

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    check out my sig....then PM Jedk or myself here on AT...lots of folks have come down from AT.
    "A drinking camp with a hunting problem....yup, that's it!"
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    We are not exactly loaded with big bucks, although there are some, here in Alabama, but our season runs to the end of January. Usually this is the best time to see any rutting activity here, especially late Jan. You can hunt with bow, muzzleloader, rifle any time that month except on WMA's. They are mainly bowhunting except for a few gun weekends here and there. Three buck limit and 2 does a day. I think a 7 day license is around $175 while an annual license is @$275. This is an all game license, no tags here. WMA license is $16.

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