aging elk meat?


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Thread: aging elk meat?

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    aging elk meat?

    Do you all age your meat? If so do you take it to a meat locker / butcher shop?

    how long do you hang it for? 3 to 5 days?

    and at what temps do you hang it in?

    Thanks sorry for the noob ?'s

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    I really don't age it. Once it hit the garage, which is normally the day after kill, I will start cutting the next morning. The cutting up of an elk takes me at least a day.

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    I always age if i can. I have a fridge in the garage and I can get a lot of boned meat in it. some stays in a week. I'd go two weeks but the climate here is dry and the meat can get dried out.

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    I have never really seen the need to age game meat.
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    Same here never felt the need to age game.....especially elk!
    Now that's not to say some of it's not well aged by the time we roll up camp

    5 days is no problem if it initially cools properly.
    If it frosts at night,hangs in a cool spot during the day and I can keep the flies and yellow jackets off it..... I'm cool with that.

    But don't push if you plan on taking it to a processor,it may take them two or three(maybe more) days to get to it.

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    last year i shot a cow and quartered her up skinned her and put the quarters in game bags. hung it in a very shaded area for 10 days. got up to 60 in daytime and about freezing at night. but the sun never touched the bags. when i went to cut her the meat was soooo tender and delicious. it really does work but you dont have to do it. but if you do it does help

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