how to Adjust Let-Off on bowtech admiral


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    how to Adjust Let-Off on bowtech admiral

    can someone tell me how to Adjust Let-Off on my bowtech admiral?

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    I think you just rotate the module around slightly. it should be on their website.
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    You slide and/or move the draw stop. But remember, you are also shortening the valley by reducing the letoff.
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    That's right. Try moving the draw stop one hole at a time till it's where you want, but you will shorten the valley.

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    The draw stop is oval shaped and because it is, you can change the let-off by moving it one way or the other. In addition, you can change the position of the draw stop by one mounting hole off of the recommended position to adjust it to your liking. The directions are in the owners manual or on the Bowtech website. Caution! The cam is aluminum and it is real easy to strip-out the mounting holes. Do not over-tighten the screw. Understand each adjustment made will affect something else like the valley etc.

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