Home made archery range???


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    Home made archery range???

    Does anyone have any ideas for a home made archery range? Just gettin back into it and havent shot in years and need to practice. I live on a half acre lot. i was thinkin bout putting something in the garage and shooting in. any ideas???

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    There are lots of threads for home-made targets here. Made from everything from styrofoam blocks from Tractor Supply to old used carpet, to feed sacks stuffed with cloth or the shrink-wrap plastic film used to wrap cartons on pallets. Just take a look--

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    check out this thread http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=892196

    good luck and welcome back to archery!!

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    If you have access to a window and door maker, check out window screen scraps stuffed inside a large bag. Stops arrows from most setups with ease.
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