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    Hoyt Enticer

    Anyone out there shoot with an old Hoyt Enticer? I've shot a lot of bows but really enjoy the way the old Enticer shoots and feels.

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    I have an Enticer, right now it is a safe queen, as Me and my brother are busy getting ready for hunting season shooting our Mathews S2 and Switchback. But I do plan on using the Enticer to convert to a fishing rig, IT does shooot sweeet. I want to get some lower poundage limbs for the qucik draw needed for bowfishing.


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    I have an Enticer in perfect shape, but I just shelved it to shoot my new AlphaMax32. I finally broke down and bought a speed bow. I'll probably end up selling the Enticer, but it's a great bow that served me well.

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    I have an enticer. it has been my spots bow. allthough i am thinking of selling it. 60lbs, 29dl, specled blue riser, with gloss black limbs. Anyone interested? shout out an offer

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    Great bows. A nice high brace and reasonable speed. Hoyt offered them with several different limb and cam combinations. They were a longer ATA and slightly higher brace than the Tenacity. I shot the Tenacity just for the little extra speed. I think they did an IBO speed of around 300 fps.
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    I have an Enticer. It has 80% letoff and IBO speed was advertised as 310 fps. It is super quiet and could drive nails. I havent shot it in years but it looks great.
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    I bought a beater one with Master Cams as a bowfishing rig...I like it and if times were hard wouldn't hesitate to use it as my main bow. Also, "Enticer" is a great name!

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    I'm still shooting my 1996 Enticer with Command Cams, QAD Ultra rest
    and a Hoyt sight that I bought and forgot to mount back in the
    90's. shooters choice had a string and cables for it so just got her
    Sighted in to 60 yards. Robin Hooded yesterday at 60 yards!
    I actually like this better then my 2012 Vector 32 because it fits
    me. Better quality in the old Hoyts IMHO, but keep her ready to

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    Killer bow, shot 50 arrows today

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    Can anyone still seeing this thread post some pictures of there command cams on there bows please

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