Ripcord rest VS Trophy Taker Extreme?


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    Ripcord rest VS Trophy Taker Extreme?

    Which of these two do you guys prefer?


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    Never shot the extreme, but there will never be any rest on any bow I own other than a trophy taker!!, best out there IMO

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    I have no experience with the Ripcord, but I've heard great things about them. I have heard on here (AT) that Ripcord has a new prototype. As far as the Trophy Taker FC Extreme topslot ( the rest I have) I have been impressed with it. Sturdy and well designed rest built by a Western elk hunter. I hunt in the West so it works well for what I do. I plan to buy a new bow this year and this is the rest I plan to use.

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    liked the ripcord more. I like how the ripcord rest can raise up

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    have owned and shot them both the rip cord you can raise before you draw which makes it full containment.and rip cords customer service is awesome.some of the bonuses on the trophy taker are you always have full containment,and it is a little quiter cause it doesnt hit the shelf.wich is the main reason i prefer it.never had to use trophy takers customer service except for a sight i have of theres and they still havent got back to me, 2 e-mails and months later so in my opinion terrible customer service.and if you use the top slot and your rest sits low as mine does you cant as easily load the arrow,so both have good and bads,

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    I have owned both and prefer the TT over the Ripcord. Both are great rests but I didn't like the plastic fork of the ripcord. It's my own fault but I shot at a deer on a really cold morning and I was bundled up so thick the string slapped the sleeve of my coveralls and made the arrow go wonky which broke the fork on my rest. Ripcord was cool enough to send me a brand new one though. The other thing I didn't like about the Ripcord is that it was always in the back of my mind that someday this cocking mechanism is going to fail. Paranoia maybe.... but it is a mechanical device....
    Oh, and one more thing, the TT keeps the arrow quieter than the Ripcord since it's rubber coated and the launcher if felt lined. When you have an arrow nocked and lean your bow as it slides over you hear a noise with the Ripcord that you don't hear with the TT. It's not very loud though because the Ripcord confines it to a very small area (width of the launcher fork) as opposed to the whole diameter of the containment ring of the TT.
    Both rests are super easy to install and tune. I certainly wouldn't say the Ripcord is a bad rest, but I can't deny I really love my TT Xtreme FC.

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    ripcord for me! They make a darn good rest and their customer service (multiple times, often my fault) made it right everytime. Never had an issue with it malfunctioning.
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    I have the TT topslot and love it. From my experiences, customer service has been fantastic. I had a fiber break on my top pin sight, and called them. A new pin assembly was at my door in three days. Hard to go wrong with Trophy Taker in my opinion.

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    Ripcords are all I use.
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    This isn't a ripcord or a tt but it is another option perhaps you had not thought of, I have a kazaway by vital gear I believe it is[I've had it a few years don't remember if it is vital gear for sure] never had a problem so I can't tell you about customer service, like I said never a problem though.

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    Although I don't currently have one (had one though), I really like the Ripcord, mainly because I don't like rests with shallow launcher forks and it has the pre-cock feature. I'm seriously thinking of going back to the Ripcord after having tried others, including the one I have now.

    I especially like the deep fork on the launcher arm vs. the shallower forks. This really helps to keep the shaft from jumping off when the draw is quick and hard (I know - my fault), or when there may be a tendency to have a touch of nock pinch (again - my fault), or just leaning the bow sideways (again - my fault). When I had the Ripcord, I didn't use the containment bar as I felt the deep forks were more than adequate to contain the arrow.

    I like the ability to pre-cock the launcher arm to set up for the draw in advance. And, even more important to me is having the ability to pre-cock to the upright position when setting up the rest & nock point. I don't have to hold it in the up position when adjusting the rest & arrow to the Berger hole(s) and setting the arrow to the string. Cock it, align the rest height to the Berger hole(s), level/square the arrow, set the nock height, all without having to hold the launcher arm in the up position. Having to hold the launcher arm up while doing this on some rests is a real PITA.

    I believe the newer models, with the stronger spring, results in a faster drop, lending itself to faster bows.

    And, without question, their customer service is second to none.
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