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    The newest Rambo, Deliverence when Burt shoots that guy in the back is nuts! and Lord of the Rings...Legolas can shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by springy View Post
    robin hood with errol flynn no doubt a bout it can wath it over and over howard hill did all stunts might be to old for some of you guys
    my fave for sure. what a great movie, and the howard hill shooting was just icing on the cake.
    I think I just heard a fish jump....

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    i read somewhere that they are making a new robin hood. russel crowe is the star actor he said that costners version was for punks. suposed to have alot of action and violence.

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    There's this movie it's crazy "Osterman weekend" near
    the end this woman, with some beautiful eyes takes a bow
    and whacks some of the bad guys????It's a real odd but good.
    There's this old western I don't know the name, but the Indians
    have these people trapped in a swag and lob thousands of arrows
    in killing them sevral at a time.....great use of the bow and arrow..

    and 300 was superb!! The line from the Movie....
    One of King Xerxes Generals laying with his arm cut off,
    says the Kings armys arrows will blot out the sun......
    one of the Spartin solders says then we'll fight in the shade..
    One of the best movies I've ever seen........

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    Sujini's scenes from the Legend of Four Gods. Sorry, need 5 posts to be able to post something.

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    robin hood with kevin costner

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    Dances with Wolves, King Arthur (2004). One of my favorate king arthur movies.

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    how about the guy in next of kin

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    Talking archery movie......

    savage streets with linda blair........

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    Robin Hood cartoon movie with the fox as Robin. Great tournament scene, for sure, my kids love that movie! ha ha
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    Men in tights!!

    "He split Robin's arrow in twine!!!!!"

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    Wrong Turn 2

    Wrong Turn 2 or 3 i can't recall which sequel..

    A good horror film involving bow and arrow...one of the freak in the wood hunting for human flesh with recurve bow.

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    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Dances with Wolves
    Robin Hood : Prince of the Thieves
    Kingdom of Heaven

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    Hey Everyone,
    I was wondering if some of you might be familiar enough with archery movies to lend me a hand in finding the name of one.
    -It's in English (language).
    -I watched a clip of it on Youtube under some Greatest Battle Scenes search but I can't find it now?
    -The scene I saw took place in some frozen winter place and it was like 5-10 archers taking down a whole army by breaking the ice underneath their feet and causing them to drown under it.

    Any help anyone has would be great! I finally got around to wanting to watch it but now I can't find the name =(

    Thanks in advance everyone!!!

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    thats the newer king arther film with clive owen.

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    robin hood with russel crowe
    and lord of the rings
    lastly king arthur

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    plus the punisher
    and fred bear dvd set

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    that movie was king arthur when they break the ice and the guys fall under

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    Not alot of archery but the Punisher...
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    Avatar - loved the kill shots at the end by what's her name. Pure instinctive kill shots. First arrow - bam in the chest - 2nd arrow came right after. Loved the picture of her drawing both shots - and the focused look in her eyes - pure instinctive shooting. I know I know - computer graphics. But the concept got me outside shooting my recurve for about 10 hours in the last week. That's incentive!

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    Keep an eye out for "The Hunger Games", its going to be released March 2012. Ive read the books and there is a LOT of archery in it. Have a look at the trailer on YouTube, has some archery scenes in there as well. Its the next "teen series" to hit the movies, but worth a watch in my opinion. It'll get the young ones interested in archery too I reckon.

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    I just stumbled across a Korean movie that is about an archer. It is called Choi-jong-byeong-gi, or "War of the Arrows." If you don't mind watching subtitled movies there are some excellent action scenes, the large majority of which are archery battles and duels. And if you only want to to watch the action scenes, they start just as the protagonist's sister is being married.

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    Does the LOTR series count?

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    Dukes of Hazard
    Lord of the rings
    maybe a few others.......

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