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Thread: Missouri Rut Activity

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    Missouri Rut Activity

    Just wondering what everyone is seening out there recently, where you're at, etc.. When does everyone think the rut is going to hit its peak? I'm in east-central MO, and there have been bucks chasing does, but I don't think it's anything serious right now. What do you guys think?

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    I seen a doe last night that the day before she had her fawns with her, but last night she was alone very nervous and wasn't wasting any time going into the timber from the the corn field were she stays all the time. I didn't see any buck be hide her, but she was very nervous. It's about that time the moon will be right Wed.

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    Rut Report

    I was out this weekend. Younger bucks are pestering the does. I did see a 140+ 8 pointer bedded downwind from a doe bedding area. I am sure he is scent checking and just hanging around until things heat up...he did not follow the 20+ does into the field though. I'll be waiting on him next week.

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    i went to a little hot spot and rattled in a little 8 night.... his neck wasnt swollan to big but it shouldnt be long... i was in benton county..
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    Im In Southwest MO and I have been finding scrapes for a couple of weeks now. My last time out I saw a small 8 Point scent checking a doe bedding area that I was hunting by. Ive been seeing several young bucks in the past week up and moving early. I expect the pre-rut to really start going hard around halloween. I Killed my biggest on halloween and it seems like that day is really when it starts picking up around here every year.
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    There is no rut ever in need to come hunt here!!
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    Nothing serious going on in central mo either. Young bucks trying to pester does. Mature bucks starting to get out of there feeding patterns and roam a little. Scrapes are staring to get hit daily. Ive been getting 6-7 bucks on camera per scrape a day. The fun stuff is right around the corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoCoMo View Post
    Ive been getting 6-7 bucks on camera per scrape a day.
    Any daytime pics?
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    I hunted two days last week and things were real slow. Only found two scrapes down our 1 mile long logging road and usually there are hundreds by now. Also, only saw three deer. Hope things get better soon! I'm heading out tonight to hunt the next two days so we'll see, but they're calling for more rain...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin@AimLow View Post
    Any daytime pics?
    Some day time pics. Mostly of younger bucks. The 2 bucks im really watching are at night. Hoping the hot does will change that though.
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    yeah, nothing serious going on in Central missouri!!!!

    There was a columbia buck taken earlier this fall that might fall short of the one I posted above but is a mini-monster for sure. I'll see if I have pics.....

    For me, well, I dont hunt in a good spot. No agriculture and a mere pass-through area. I've seen the young ones but that's not to say the big daddy's aren't running around. They are out there. Just gotta be in the right spot.

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    Talking with a few other hunters, I think the big boys are starting to move alot, but for the most part the young bucks are chasing does...Looks like gun season could be good.
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