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Thread: How Warm are Muck Boots?

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    Question How Warm are Muck Boots?

    Looking at buying a pair of Muck Woody Max boots. Just wondering how warm these are. They've got to be better than what I have now. Thanks for the reviews.

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    I have a pair and my feet usually sweat walking around then freeze after sitting a while. If you can keep your feet dry as far at sweat is concerned they are good.
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    Very warm

    Very warm have worn mine in the teens,and my feet get cold easily.Make sure you don't buy a pair that is too tight.

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    mine are great until it gets into the teens, then I throw a hand warmer down in the toe area.
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    best advice

    may sound a little strange - wear a pair of light socks into your stand - as soon as you settle and are strapped in- change your light socks and replace them with wool or fleece, slip a pair of arctic shield boot covers, and you're good in just about any temp.

    The only criticism of the Muck is the sweat - they just don't breath - even with the best mositure wicking sock your feet will still sweat. The best way to combat it - change your socks. As for the Arctic Shield boot covers, you can get them cheap on ebay - got mine brand new for $23.00 (including shipping)
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    I don't know about warmth, but they must be some pretty darn good boots. I currently work with a landscape company and my boss loves his Mucks - and I promise you he wears the hell out of a pair of boots.

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    I bought some Mucks last year and got a pair that was $110. It wasn't the woody maxx but one with a temp range below it. It said it was supposed to be down to like -10 or -20. I got them a tad big and wore them for the first time when it was about 33 degrees and my feet froze. I also got blisters so bad I almost took the boots off on the way back. I will never use them again. I still use my LaCross Alpha Burlys 800mg.
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    The main problem with Mucks is that if you get sweaty feet, you're done for. Comfortable and a great boot they are, but I use my mucks for turkey only now. My feet sweat in them and when its cold out, its no good :P

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    Im on my second pair and would wear them yearround if the wernt to darn warm!! Light wieght and very comfy!

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    IMO the best thing you can do is get a pair of Smartwool socks. It really make the difference with sweaty feet staying warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowheadhunter View Post
    IMO the best thing you can do is get a pair of Smartwool socks. It really make the difference with sweaty feet staying warm.
    That is my advice as well. Nothing will insulate and keep your feet warmer than wool socks, even if your feet are drenched wool will keep them warmer than even dry cotton socks. I used mine for the first time this year and my feet sweat really bad but the wool socks are what make the difference. Not just my opinion but a proven fact about wool.


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    you guys are all gonna think i'm nuts

    where the calf nylons for women with the muck boots

    your feet wont sweat and you'll be toasty warm in the stand
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