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Thread: 401K Talk

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    Hernando, MS

    401K Talk

    Just got my quarterly 401k statement in the mail.\

    I had a 13.81% rate of return for the quarter

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    I beat cha with around 15.3%..........another quarter like that and I'll have most of it back.
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    Beat you all. 16.9% for Q3, 19.5% YTD change

    Granted, I'm younger, so I invested almost exclusively in high-risk markets.

    This just about negates all the losses I've had for the past two years :P

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    Hernando, MS
    i didn't look at my ytd. i'm about to be 33 nxt month but i invested somewhat conservatively the last time i diversified

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    Mine was almost 40%.

    All the people who nuked their account last year......so stupid. I knew it would come back.....with some time.
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    I had a good increase but still way below where I was 2 years ago. I didn't get very excited. When I am 20-30% above where I was a the high point then I might be excited.

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    Our 401K has been steadily climbing for the last few months and the losses are gone now.

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