Ross Carnivore 31 or Hoyt Turbohawk?


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    Ross Carnivore 31 or Hoyt Turbohawk?

    I'm new to archery and after trying so many bows my head is spinning, I find myself torn between these two midrange bows. I haven't the experience with bows to be an expert in this decision so thought I would ask those who are. Surely some of you bow crazy veterans have some first hand experience with these two. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I know that how they feel to me is the most important factor...but they both feel great to this novice.

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    If it is just between those two stick with the Hoyt just because who knows if Ross does or will exist as a bow company. The Turbo Hawk is a great bow especially in that price range.

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    I agree, Ross is gone for now, they may return but Hoyt isn't going anywhere and they make excellent bows.

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    I have shot both and own the Turbohawk. The Ross is a very nice bow and I almost bought one. The Hoyt is faster, ligher, and comes in different color choices. The big thing for me is Ross has been having alot of trouble lately and I am not even sure if they are still open. I want a warranty and a company that I know will help me if I need it. You might not get that from Ross at this point Good luck!
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    My wife shoots the Turbohawk in a 50 - 60 # with a 26" draw and loves it.

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    i agree with everybody else.go with the hoyt.

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    i really liked the ross bows when they first came out and they were built great, but there is way too much drama going on with that company right now to be spending money one one of their bows. Heck I don't even know if there is a company right now! Go with the Hoyt, they make a great bow.
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    Ross no more for now

    I would go for the Hoyt, Ross bows are out for now. You can still get one from those dealers who have them in their inventory and Bowtech will still honor the waranty on them, with that said I would go with the Hoyt because if you ever want to sell you have a better resale for a bow whose company is still in business. Ross is going to go away, I would guess.

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    The Ross is crazy smooth, but I would probably go for the Hoyt. It is a real nice bow for the money!

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