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Thread: PA Deer Movement

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    PA Deer Movement

    I am seeing very little deer movement here in central PA. Hopefully the rut kicks in here soon!! What are the other PA hunters seeing or not seeing?

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    I sat yesterday afternoon for a doe. I saw 5 different bucks, all 1.5 year olds. Had 2 different pairs fighting. The one pair came w/i 20 yards and went at one another for 10+ minutes off and on. It was awesome to watch. Last 2 sits I had grunting bucks chase off does that were meandering into range
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    Had three bucks yesterday between 10-11 am. One four point that was in to 10yrds, a ten point monster(for me) at 200yrds, and a big eight point following him but they turned and where fighiting in the corn field. I couldn't them in range.

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    Here in my neck of the woods (Allegheny County) the deer are definitely moving and it's going to get good here very shortly. On my way to an evening spot the other day I had a 110-115" 8 point try to cross the road in front of me several times on his way to a little strip of woods that is always packed with does. Everyone I talk to is seeing deer including a couple of friends from Butler County.
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    I'm not seeing bucks right now, just does.
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    SC Pa they are up and moving...seen a heck of a buck last night coming home from work standing in the field at 5 o'clock....seen a pile of deer up and moving around this morning on the way to work is my last day of work then its 8 days in the tree so im thinking im hitting it perfect this year...good luck to all and becareful

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    I hunt a plot very close to the PA border and deer are on the move there pretty good. Hunted yesterday morning until noon and saw over 20 deer. Had 4-5 does and a four point come in range but I passed on all of them. Saw a nice 8 and a decent 6 moving through a grape thicket between 10 and 11am. They both crossed up the ridge about 60 yards from my stand. I might move it over just a tad for my next hunt.

    I'm still waiting to get back on the big 8 that winded me on another small farm. I've let up for a week now. Tomorrow might be the day with the forecast looking to spit some snow tonight and have a high of 45 tomorrow. I will be in my stand from daylight till dark.

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    Was in stand all day yesterday (11/04) in Bedford County.

    0735: Had a spike come through at about 60 yards. Caught the scent line I laid, changed direction and came in on a rope. Stopped at the mock scrape I had just made before climbing the tree. Sniffed around and went past me over the ridge.

    0830: Single doe came through feeding on acorns. Didn't seem nervous or pushed.

    1630: Single doe came through, followed by a billy goat spike and a 4pt. Watched the 4pt. make a scrape about 70 yards out. The doe came into about 25 yards, smelled my doe-in-heat urine, and promptly did a 180 and walked back where she came from. The spike and 4pt. kept coming, and both worked the mock scrape, pawing the ground and chewing the branches. After a few minutes, they turned and headed in the direction the doe traveled. They weren't bothering the doe, and certainly weren't pushing her, letting her get well out of sight for several minutes before following.

    Brother-in-law shot a nice 10pt at 0800 that he said was chasing 8 does. He passed on a 7 pt. at first light. While trailing the 10pt., he jumped it up and backed out till evening. Haven't heard back.

    I think in our area, the bucks are beginning to transition from seeking to chasing. In other's good now, but not great. I'm thinking by tomorrow or Saturday, the explosion will happen. I also think the "full moon" is still keeping daylight movement down, but that will wear off shortly, or be overpowered by the rut.

    We've heard of 3 nice bucks being taken in the area in the last 5 days or so. A 123" and 142". Not sure about the third but I believe it was somewhere in between.

    I'm off work through Nov. 15th. Chose to take care of some household stuff today because they aren't going nuts quite yet, but will be back in the stand all day, every day (except for Sunday's of course ), starting tomorrow.

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    spent Monday and Tues in the Poconos.... deer running all over the place.... rut is in full swing..... 2 days saw about 25 deer with half of them bucks. Never saw the woods like that before

    Guided/helped 2 old fellas in thier 70's... they missed 3 bucks between them and one was a 9 pointer on public land. All 20 to 25 yards shots. PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE!

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    Bucks are running the does in Butler County the last few days as well

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    Totally has sucked so far here in NW Bradford County, 3C. Almost 5 weeks of the season has passed, I've only missed a few days out of 5 weeks and Deer sightings include 1 scrubby "Y" Buck and a few Does.
    Very little Deer sign to be found. A few small rubs here and there and an occasional scrape. Population seems to be WAY down.
    Been plugging away hoping things change but getting very discouraged....

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    From years past it always seems to be right around the 7-14th here when they get really going but the weather now is really nice and next week tad warmer hope it dont mess with them moving durig the day. Wife is off all week and I am in the woods. Can only shoot does hope the bucks run a few my way.
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    bucks county, pa
    The deer started to move down here in Bucks county early this week when we finally had a few cold nights. Watched a little button buck chase a few does this morning and almost smacked a good sized buck on my way home from work a few days ago. It's always a good sign when the neighboring dogs start barking...

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    Southeast PA
    saw 2 110" bucks fighting over a small doe last night driving around. the deer did not give 2 craps that i was driving in the field either

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    Saw one 6 pointer chasing a doe.....
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    saw 7 bucks yesterday a 120ish 10 point 110ish 8 point and 5 small bucks here in bedford county they are definately on their feet all day here
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    i spot light just about every night here in bedford county and i have seen bucks runnin does for like the last 2 weeks i've also seen some fighting going on, its def time to be in the bad i cut timber and can't take off to hunt
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    bucks county, pa.
    keep your bow with you!!

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    I saw i legal buck all season and it was to far to shoot. The way its going I laying the smackdown on the first legal buck that gets into range. Plus the swine flu is making its way thru the family so I gotta get it done before me or the wife get it.
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    Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

    Chester County

    I spent all day until 4 pm in the stand here in Chester County and saw a big 8 right at daylight at 40 yards but couldn't see my pin to shoot. Never saw another deer until 11:30 when I saw 4 more bucks until 2:30. I shooter 8 point with a busted G3 on his right side and then two six points and a 4 point. Had to leave the woods right at prime time unforunately but the farmer was out in the field with his tractor so I don't think they were going to try to make it up there with him out there. I think next week will be prime down here. I did not see one doe which was very strange saw 5 bucks and no doe.
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    I've been out all day, every day this week in 2B. So far I've seen 12 doe 17 buck and 5 of them were 120" or better. It's really been dead in the woods though. Most of what I'm seeing is between 10 and 1:30. If it wasn't for seeing so many descent buck I'd really be discouraged. Only seen 1 chasing so far but I have seen some hanging tight to the does. Watched a 3 year old try to mount a doe yesterday.

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    They're moving in Allegheny county. lotsa dead ones on the highway too.

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    Was out most of the day Wednesday, and had one obvious chase going on in the morning. All told, 4 bucks, one of which was a shooter, and maybe 10-12 does. This weekend should be very interesting. I am hunting in Butler Co.
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    Started moving I think by next week it should be full rut
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