do deer like sour corn


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    do deer like sour corn

    i dont know if you would call it sour croon but its corn that fell out of an auger wagon a week and a half ago and smells terrible and got rained on for 3 days straight, some have germinated and their looks to be ashes in it will deer eat it at all or should i just leave it to sit their and rot their was 3 bushels of soybeans that fell a couple days ago andwill the deer eat that

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    Hogs and catfish love sour corn but not much luck with seeing deer eating it. Don't know about the sour soybeans... none around here.

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    isnt sour corn what they make whiskey out of? i like it
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    It sounds like your corn is rotting and molding, instead of fermenting. As for deer eating it, they are likely to pass if other sources are available. True sour corn will definately be eaten by hogs. I had a squirrel open the top of a feeder, allowing a bit of rainwater to get in and start the fermentation process. By the time I got to it, it smelled like whiskey! The corn was warm and soft and had a sweet and sour smell, so I dumped it for the hogs and racoons. With all of the acorns on the ground, the deer aren't very interested in corn of any kind.
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