Horton Yukon SL in 175 lb draw?

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    Horton Yukon SL in 175 lb draw?

    I could use a little help on this one. Did Horton (in the US) make a Yukon SL crossbow in black with a 175 lb draw? I cannot find any reference to it on any website including Horton's website. I have a copy of their 2005 catalog and it only shows a 150 lb draw version of the Yukon SL in camo. What is even more strange is the picture I was given shows it is a Horton crossbow (on the limb) but the stock is solid and has a built in cheek piece (the 150 lb draw version is a wire-type stock).

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    Yukon Black??

    I was talking to a guy the other day who claimed to have a Horton Yukon with 175lb draw. He called it a "Yukon Black". I have searched and have found nothing on this though.

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    I've never heard of it either, but you could probably put the front end of a Legend 175 or TR 175 on a Yukon/Summit stock.

    I haven't actually tried it, but since the TR and Explorer 150s stocks are the same, and the front ends of the Explorer 150 and Yukon/Summit 150 are the same, I would assume that they are interchangeable.

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    Just found out

    I spoke today with a Horton rep in Ohio named Anna. She confirmed that they did make that very model in 2008. She said it is a jet black Yukon SL body with a 175 lb bow. They made them only for one year and at the special request of a dealer in Wisconsin. Go figure. By the way, I got a better look at the bow. The stock is not solid and it does look just like the camo version of the Yukon SL body but in black.

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    i am new in the forum ,actually this is my first post,,,i had a black yukon sl..the same body of the camo yukon,but jet black,the only difference is that had the limbs of the legend 175lbs,,but do exist,,i had it from ebay,j notice later that had a tiny small crack,,,well,,,i just put some epoxy and shoot well,,but i take caution because of the tiny crack,,,i hope nothing happens,,so far so good,,,

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