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Thread: Toughest broadhead?

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    Question Toughest broadhead?

    So I am going to buy another bow soon. I am thinking either a Monster, the AlphaBurner or the Destroyer 350. No matter what bow I choose it's going to shoot 29" 340 FMJ's with either a 100 grain head or a 125 grainer. The finished weights are 100gr tip (472gr) and 125gr tip (497gr). The Monster will throw the 497's at 292fps and the AlphaBurner throws them at 282fps. I haven't been able to shoot the Destroyer with those arrows over a chronograph, but I am guessing from the speeds I was getting with 420 grain arrows, it will be right there somewhere. Anyway, out of the Monster that ends up like at 94 or 95 ft/lbs of energy and the AlphaBurner is right at 88 ft/lbs. So I am thinking that I need to reassess my broadhead choices to find something that is going to hold up to that beating. That is where you guys come in, lol, the only thing I don't want is a short head with a steep blade angle. Other than that, whatever is going to work. Thanks in advance.

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    I beat the snot out of my slick trick mags this year and only had to change a few blades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by japple View Post
    I beat the snot out of my slick trick mags this year and only had to change a few blades.
    2nd that you won't beat the toughness of those blades. I just sharpen mine with my Lansky & they are better than new.
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    do you want a COC or with a steel tip?

    COC, the Hunor Sliver BH is very nice & strong,,sweet .065 THK bladde, thats hard to beat, its almost twice as thick as other BH blades

    heres the Hunor next to s SF XL

    the Silver flame is 1 7/8's while the Hunor is 1 1/8, the SF has a thinner blade, both fly well
    Hunors are about 40 bucks for a pack of 3.
    Not as smart or as good looking as punch master but I charge 1/4 of what he does & I take coupons

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    Magnus Snuffer SS 100gn. as tough as they get! Thats a 4in. piece of steel, shot at 60 yards, it destroyed the arrow and the bh but it looks like the Snuffer wanted to keep on going.
    With every critter I have takin with a Snuffer, if I do my part at the shot the Snuffer SS works great everytime.

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    slick trick mags...unless you pound a rock the point is near indestructible
    got a buddy who uses Snuffers on hogs and swears by them
    tricks just fly better in my setup
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey375 View Post
    Anyway, out of the Monster that ends up like at 94 or 95 ft/lbs of energy

    So I am thinking that I need to reassess my broadhead choices to find something that is going to hold up to that beating.
    I have that kind of energy with my 70lb bow, and I use the same kind of BH's as I would out of my 60lb bow with no difference in how they hold up. I would make my BH choices based on what I was shooting them at, not how much energy the bow is putting out.
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    I have to disagree about the slick tricks. The ferals are tough as nails. The blades are not weak but I can't call them super tough either.

    I've only shot one deer with them, but one blade broke. The arrow had about 60 foot pounds of KE and hit a rib at 10 yards. The there is also a break in one blade on a head I use for practice. Granted my practice blade have taken some serious abuse, one cut the steel band on my Block and one hit a tree.

    Slick tricks are super accurate and tough. But I can't believe there isn't something tougher out there.

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    Thumbs up Hellrazor / G5

    i think these are very tough. I shot one thru the front shoulder of a deer and it looks perfect! I shoot a monster but not getting quite the ke but then again only 27.5 draw and 60#'s.

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    as for mechanicals you cant beat the G5 Tekans
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