Got a SURPRISE package from ASA


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    Got a SURPRISE package from ASA

    I got the COOLEST Surprise from ASA in the mail on Friday!!! As most of you know I was chosen as ASA's Sportsman of the Year. At the awards ceremony at the classic they gave me this HUGE trophy and told me that I would be recieving one free entry fee to the ProAm of my choice as well as a team shoot entry fee and a Limbsavers entry fee. Well on Friday, I had a package in the mail from ASA. In recognition of being chosen the very first ASA Sportsman of the year, they have awarded Michael and myself a Lifetime family membership ($400 normally) as well as 3 nights lodging at an official ASA hotel at the ProAm of my choice , and Free Practice Range all YEAR !!!! As well as gave me directions to claim the other entry fees that I mentioned above. It was a really nice surprise!

    The lifetime membership is awesome! Comes with VIP parking at all the ASA ProAms , no more annual ASA dues, and we don't have to qualify to shoot any state championships ever again. Too cool for words!!!!! It's like the gift that just keeps on giving! Thanks JAG for the nomination! You are the bestest EVER!!!

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    WOW Julie....what a gift and you are so deserving of it....Hopefully we will see you again soon and watch you rise to the top of the Open Class as are a really sweet gal and congrats for all you achievements!!!!

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    Woo-hooo!! That's awesome!! Sounds like we'll see both of you at State from now on!! You SO deserve it!! We loves ya!! Tracy & Mike (Tracy using Mike's account
    Hoyt National Shooting Staff
    Carbon Express Pro Staff
    Stone Mountain Bowstrings Staff Shooter
    Tru Ball Shooting Staff
    ASA Texas State Director

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    awsome! Congrats to you, and good job to Mike and crew for a great package!

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    Thanks guys! This has been THE MOST INCREDIBLE year for me. This will be the year that I tell my grandchildren about. There are times where I still feel like some of it was a dream. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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    WOOHOOOHOOO!! Congrats!

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    Way to go Julie, you deserve it! You are the greatest.

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    well heck of a deal. Glad for you guys. Sounds like a wonderful blessing.

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    That Lifetime membership is worth its weight in gold! I enjoy my special parking at some of the shoots. It saves some walking, lol. The savings from having to qualify for the shoots, etc. ends up paying for itself in the long run. You Go Girl!

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    Way to go Julie! That's awesome!

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    Wow! That's a very nice surprise! Congrats!

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