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    PSE VULCAN or Parts

    I bought a PSE Vulcan bow from a member on HuntingPa. I will not mention their name for now as I have emailed them asking them for assistance in this.

    The bow looked fine to my eye and I was super excited to get it at the price I did. I brought it to Lancaster archery today to have it looked at and adjusted for me sine I am completely new to owning a bow. (kudos to them for their great service and friendliness). The guy came out from the back and told me had bad news that the bottom limb was starting to split and unfortunately with the bow being so old they could not get parts. I called PSE and they said the same thing.

    Both told me to try to get my money back or look on ebay and craiglist for another one cheap and get that to have extra parts and to replace the limb.

    My question / plea is if any one here has one laying around please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry miss spelled Vulcan. I fixed it. It was a great deal and would be a killer deal if the limb was not separating.

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