bow for a 6 year old?


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    bow for a 6 year old?

    What type of bow do you guys buy your kids? im thinking my six year old is ready for a bow, and i was looking for some suggestions for her.


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    Genesis is a great starter bow. Not one you can hunt with as the poundage maxes out at I believe 20# but great bow anyone can shoot.

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    There are a bunch of choices out there. Diamond has the Nuclear Ice, Athens is coming out with a kids bow pretty soon, Bear has the Apprentice, etc etc. I want to get my daughter (who is 5) the Athens that is coming out, but I might not be able to wait long enough, so she will probably be getting one of the Diamonds.
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    Best bow...make it yourself..

    Absolute best bow..go out in woods and make a long bow from a sapling. Notch the ends and string it up with some shooting loop line from your proshop. Put an nock rest on it and kid is set. Get the cheapo short arrows from Wally's.

    He'll shoot off his fist, get a great sense of what self sufficency is all about. Best is it is soooooo simple. He can see up close what he is shooting, it is very light weight both in pull and to hold up (the most important), he can shoot if forever since it is so light, and won't send and arrow in the neighbors' yards. Best of all, you and he do it together and you can get another anytime. Get some picture targets of rabbits or shoot balloons, but don't care a whit about accuracy, he'll worry about that enough.

    A Genesis bow is really a low-power gun, and all the small toy bows aren't springing enough--these are one that shoot the suction dart arrows.

    I learned this way and it is why my son just shot the second highest 3-d score every in the state of KY conservation camp as a 10 yr old..

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    I bought my 5 year old a Diamond Nuclear Ice. I have i set for 10 lbs draw and he can get it back fairly easy. He really likes it and it can really pack a punch. Not a bad bow for the price $170 plus tax.

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    Low draw weight and no set draw length...just practices using a consistent anchor point...alot of 4-h groups and such teach kids to start out with this bow...goes to 30# draw weight ...and a 30" draw length...I am going to use it with my 8 and 9 year olds...and have a Diamond razor waiting for them for hunting....hope I made a good decision here.
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    I got my 6 y/o old daughter the Genesis and my 13 y/o daughter the Mission Menace. The cool thing about both is that they are adjustable and the girls will never outgrow the bows... I'm a Hoyt guy so it was tough to buy Matthews bows but it seemed to be the best solution at the time that I purchased them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPoppa96 View Post
    I bought my 5 year old a Diamond Nuclear Ice. I have i set for 10 lbs draw and he can get it back fairly easy. He really likes it and it can really pack a punch. Not a bad bow for the price $170 plus tax.

    Same bow but my 5 year old is pulling 20lbs. It cant be beat for a youth bow for a kid under 8 years old IMO.

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    thanks guys, that gives me some good places to start.

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    my 6 year old twin girls have a Maddog pup longbow I won in a giveaway on TradGang. They love it and it fits them great.


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    what does the diamond nuclear ice bow weigh? anybody know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by captaincaveman View Post
    no, i mean how much the actual bow weighs, not draw weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john kristian View Post

    a genesis bow is really a low-power gun,

    My 6 yr old shot one with sights and a release pretty good. Good starter bow but not a gun.

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    the nuclear ice would be a great starter. will give him the feel of "dads bow".

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    Quote Originally Posted by roobarb View Post
    no, i mean how much the actual bow weighs, not draw weight.
    Well in that case I have no idea. Google didn't know either


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