jennings unistar


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    jennings unistar

    looking for any info on this bow that is around anything will help but also looking for a manual or how do you cange draw length ect.

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    Jennings Unistar

    Hi, Send me a pic I might be able to tell you about this bow. I it is the one I think it is I was a factory shooter for Jennings back in the early 90's and I had one. Dan
    Have bow will shoot

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    sorry do not know how to post pics but there are some a these links that i found on the net

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    I remember when the bow came out in the late 80's or early 90's. That's all I can remember about it

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    On the side of the cam you will see a + and a - ,set your bow in a press and move to desired length. There are 2 of these.

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