Best watch for backcountry hunting


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    Best watch for backcountry hunting

    Looking to get a new watch for backcountry hunting and bowhunting in general. Want digital compass,etc. Looking at the Suunto Vector at the moment, any thoughts or suggestions

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    Never used a watch with a digital compass

    I wear a Swiss Military watch for all my outdoor stuff. Very tough, waterproof and durable. Can read the dial in the dark. I'm really hard on watches and tend to destroy them in a few years time. I bought my last one for around $50.00 on sale. No compass, just a great watch.

    I have used the Silva Ranger compass for years. Wear the lanyard around your neck and tuck it in shirt or vest pocket so you can't lose it. No batteries to fail and let you down. It's a professional quality compass used by generations of foresters (for around $50.00). It works great in combination with a GPS. When you use the "go to" function on the GPS, just dial the bearing into the compass, take a sighting and go. Way more reliable and accurate than any digital watch. I keep a little ball compass pinned to the inside of my pack just in case.

    The above combination has kept me on time and found for many years as a forester, river guide, backpacker and hunter.

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    get the

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeapocalypse View Post
    Looking to get a new watch for backcountry hunting and bowhunting in general. Want digital compass,etc. Looking at the Suunto Vector at the moment, any thoughts or suggestions
    get the alltitech2 by highgear. it is not watch but has a built on clip for packs belt loops, etc. it has the time mode,true north compass mode, barometer mode, altimeter mode, altimeter data mode, chronograph mode,chronograph data mode, and alarm mode. i like it, works great. or good gps has time and compass also.

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    I have got the x-lander Military edition ( dark face light digits). Love it. Compass is spot on and the altimeter and barometer work very very well. Just be careful of the strap. i made the mistake of getting 100% deet on mine and the deet ate it. I'll be more careful with this new band.

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    a watch?

    who needs a watch? Its one of the things I try to get away from when Im huntin. That said a digital with an alarm is good if you are in the backcountry. Set the alrm and set it in a cook pot and its loud enough to wake you up without carrying an alarm clock. A good old fashioned analog watch can be used as a rough compass. Theres really no need for a special watch, if its shiny put it in a pocket

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