carbon arrow diameters


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    carbon arrow diameters

    can someone tell me what the outside diameters are on standard carbon arrows vs axis n fused and the st epic n fused I believe all 3 have different diameters just wondering what they are thanks does anyone shoot a combination of standard carbons vs small dia. shafts is there much diff between them in point of impact I also shoot a whisker biscuit and have shot standard carbons thinking of switching to small dia. will I have any problems with WB I have the medium size thanks

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    You can't just switch willy-nilly to different shaft diameters, like with two different ones in your quiver. If the bow is tuned and sighted in for a shaft of one diameter then you put a skinnier arrow into the bow it will sit on the rest pointing downward. This changes arrow flight and point of impact. You need to just settle on an arrow, get as many of them perfectly matched as you can afford and tune the bow to them (rest and nock point height). At the very least you'll need to change the height of your arrow rest to change arrow diameters.
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