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    80% let off

    Is it a bad idea to try shooting a 80% let off bow with fingers? Been shooting a recurve for 20 years and a new compound was offered to me with 80% let off. Thought it might not be to bad if it was shot off the wall. What do you think?

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    In my experience the higher letoffs aren't as bad if you have a more aggressive cam. Just my 2 cents. Finger shooters as a rule prefer nothing over 65%. Although my hoyt at 75% and 48pounds is a spot machine for me with the cam.5. It never hurts to try. You will find it much different than trad. Good luck Dan.
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    I figure it won't matter as much with a 70 lb bow, if you were shooting 50 lb at 80% let off it might be tough.

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    I shoot a Septer4 with 80% letoff. It is a tad less forgiving, but can hold a lot lo nger till the shot comes along.

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    I tried 80% on my C3. I couldn't feel the release. I traded out for a 65%. I liked the feel of the resistance of a 65% for stability too.

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    If you are using back tension against the wall, I think you could be very affective with the 80%. I think my bow is 65% but I shoot 50# a rather low poundage so I'm holding around 18#. I have no problems with my release.

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    Search 80% letoff on this forum. You'll find tons of info.

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    I shoot a Dren LD, 37in at 58lbs, 80% letoff, 28in draw. I hold solid against the wall which gives alot of finger tension and on release my hand just slides back against my face. But, I have been shooting fingers for about 57 years. Bob

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