This bow is like brand new. Kept in mint condition and maintained meticulously over its lifetime. The Bow is set at 65# draw weight and 29" draw.

Bow Specs

Can be adjusted from 60-70# and 28-32" draw (C. cam)

Limbs: 17" FastGlass laminated

42" overall length

This is a 1994 model with upgraded cable system to 1995 style.

Bow is ready to be shot with some adjustments to the sight and arrow rest.

Whats on the Bow?

7 pin Hoyt Micro Elite Sight, NAP plungerest arrow rest, Hoyt SlideLock Bowquiver System, Hoyt Apex Stabilizer. Medium AccuGrip walnut wood grip w/ strap. Just restrung with Winner's Choice String. Peep site, Limbsaver string leeches and release loop installed on string. Solid Limb Ultra Limbsavers, Diamond/bowtech Vibrablock limbdampers, Also Comes with 11 Easton XX78 SuperSlam 2315 lite arrows & set of 6 Thunderhead 125 broadheads that have never been used.

Bow Comes with Hard Case, This setup is ready to be hunted with!

Buyer pays all shipping charges, I will get a quote from my residence to yours.

PM me if interested, if you have any questions post a reply and I will be sure to answer