How are carbon arrows made?


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    How are carbon arrows made?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a source on how carbon arrows are made. I wonder this because I have seen rocket motor chambers made out of carbon and that process is pretty slow but results in a very strong product.

    I noticed some new arrows on the market (Satellite) that claim all other arrows are like a sheet of carbon rolled around a mandel and therefore were not even and had a seam. I did contact Carbon Express and they claimed their arrows are made on a mandrel with a continuous wound carbon fiber and not wrapped. One of these manufacturers are lying. Then I look at Blackhawk and they appear to be carbon fiber on a mandrel then a wrap of a bonding layer on the outside.

    Anyway, I find no photos/illustrations of how carbon arrows are manufactured. I suspect a lot of them come from the same plant in Korea also.

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    Im not sure on the arrows, but I know on golf club shafts there are two methods of making them. One is wraping sheets of graphite which does create somewhat of a seam. The other is winding a graphite filament (filament wound shafts) which creates a perfectly round shaft with no seam. The idea is that the one without the seam will give better consistancy and will preform the same no matter how it is installed in the club head. Good qustion about the arrows though, I'm interested to see what you find out.

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    Another way is to pull the fibers and create the shaft that way. Makes em real skinny too.

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    For the most carbon arrow shafts for sale in the market, whatever you get them from Amazon, Ebay or your distributors or pro shops..,You shot Compound bow, Recurve bow ,traditional bow ,or other use, maybe you will be curious at “how carbon arrow shaft are manufactured”, perhabs you will get some information from some friends who have knowledge about their arrows, and know some the big arrow company,like Carbon Express or Easton or other former company that they revealed a little information how their arrows shaft production process..But until now,i will find any exact or accurate news about how to manufacture the carbon arrow shaft.

    But now,As i have been working 4 years in a carbon arrow factory, I now can write this article to show all the bow hunter,archers how their arrow shaft be manufactured.

    1,As we know carbon fiber shaft, it surely made of carbon fiber.Currently, the carbon fiber market is monopolized by Japan,USA,KOERA,GERMANY, Far as i know,most of Chinese arrow factory use Toray,Mitsubishi,And Taiwan carbon fiber, Chinese domestic carbon fiber. To some extents, the arrow quality is most decided by the material of arrow shaft----”Carbon Fiber” . When you use the Mitsubishi ,Toray carbon fiber, the shaft spine tolerance ,weight tolerance,straightness , and strength, durablity (which aluminum arrow shaft canot be compared )will be better than other fiber, Like Taiwan,Or Chinese fiber, As i not used the USA or Koera fiber , as i dnot have a judgement. Also another advantage of Good Fiber, It will save the time to make a arrow shaft , I will mention in the later of the article.

    A qualified arrow with tuned bow is not dangerous ! Also archery is a good sport ! So dnot let the fear of archery is dangerous to stop you to love this game. !

    Here we have 11 process of Building a carbon shaft !

    1, When we get order from Customer, They told me need spine X ID 0.166”,0.204”,0.246”,0.300”,0. 315”,0.386”,etc penetration hunting, target,tournament,crossbow bolts, or large arrow shaft, they maybe have the weight,GPI and outside diameter ,length requirement .

    Then the technician will calculate what material and how many fiber layer will be used to get them finished,The fiber type decide the strength, and the layer of fiber decide the spine and wall thickness, and shaft weight.

    When all the factors are determined, Then we will get the carbon fiber out of the refrigeration house, As you know the carbon fiber must be stored in certain temperature , otherwise,it will be ruined.

    Then we cut the fiber sheet to the size as we want,like the width and the length, So we get many small carbon fiber sheet. Below is a big carbon fiber sheet need to be cut to many small sheet.Attachment 4689409

    carbon fiber sheet plate

    2,We get the small fiber sheet, usually we need two pieces for common shaft , two pieces are usually 0 and 90 degree layed. Meanwhile, some other steps need be done,like the resin need to be sticked with the fiber sheet.

    3,We get the sticked small fiber sheet, we need the compatible mandrel to make the fiber rolled around the mandrel.

    4,after we finished the rolled fiber around the mandrel,now we need to twine the OPP around the rolled fiber, as our know the carbon fiber need high temperature toasted, then it will become strong, so we need twine the Opp around the mandrel with fiber in case it will be not straight and not smooth when it is been toasted in oven.

    5,Send the mandrel rolled with fiber and OPP into the oven to make the fiber to be gather more tight and be strong.

    6,After the fixed time, we get the shaft out of oven, now we need extracting the shaft out the mandrel to make them apart, first make them separate, then remove the opp off the shaft,So now we almost get a shaft...

    7,Ok, we have get the most raw shaft now,then we need cut the shaft to be certain length, most are 32” and surely need to be cut smoothly both two ends.

    8,After the cutting process ,we get the certain length shaft, then we need send the shaft to be grinding,we use the centerless grinder to do this step to make the shaft surface smooth and the outside diameter same consistent.

    9,the all above steps finished, we will do testing for the shaft, like the spine,straightness, we choose the spine tolerance +/- 10, classify the straightness 0.001 ,0.003,0.006 and the bad shaft(straightness bigger than 0.006”),spine 250.300.350.400.450.500.600.65 0.700.800.900.1000.1100.1200. ensure the shaft spine and straightness is qualified then we need check the weight, we weigh every shaft then group the same weight (+/- 1 or +/-2 grs) together.

    10,Now we get the shaft now, so we need print the logo on the shaft, like the silk screen print, heat transfer or watermark print,etc. Then we do installing ,like fletching ,the arrow point, insert, nock,collar etc.

    Usually when some new samples need to be tested, we will shot them after we get the shaft.Then we decide if the shaft is ok to sent out.But when you shot the arrows, check the arrow spine chart to choose the right spine shaft ,and flex it is necessary.arrow test
    Attachment 4689425

    Above all based on my own experience and knowledge,If you learn some different method to make carbon arrow shaft,Please share with me. Thanks.

    Michael Yu ,4 years working in the Arrow&Component factory of “Sunchase Bowcore” as a sales for the USA,AUSTRALIA,Germany archery Market.

    If you have other question,Please feel free to tell me.


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    Michael Yu, Thank you for that description! It's a lot more complicated than I thought.

    What labels do you sell in the USA?
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    Michael, thanks for the information! The +/- 1, +/- 2 etc shafts must be graded as premium or value, I presume. For shaft quality +/-3 or lower, are they sold to discount arrow makers? Some of the prices we see on eBay are priced very inexpensively. How well do those arrows shoot straight?

    And thanks for any other information you can provide.

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