How are carbon arrows made?


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    How are carbon arrows made?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a source on how carbon arrows are made. I wonder this because I have seen rocket motor chambers made out of carbon and that process is pretty slow but results in a very strong product.

    I noticed some new arrows on the market (Satellite) that claim all other arrows are like a sheet of carbon rolled around a mandel and therefore were not even and had a seam. I did contact Carbon Express and they claimed their arrows are made on a mandrel with a continuous wound carbon fiber and not wrapped. One of these manufacturers are lying. Then I look at Blackhawk and they appear to be carbon fiber on a mandrel then a wrap of a bonding layer on the outside.

    Anyway, I find no photos/illustrations of how carbon arrows are manufactured. I suspect a lot of them come from the same plant in Korea also.

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    Im not sure on the arrows, but I know on golf club shafts there are two methods of making them. One is wraping sheets of graphite which does create somewhat of a seam. The other is winding a graphite filament (filament wound shafts) which creates a perfectly round shaft with no seam. The idea is that the one without the seam will give better consistancy and will preform the same no matter how it is installed in the club head. Good qustion about the arrows though, I'm interested to see what you find out.

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    Another way is to pull the fibers and create the shaft that way. Makes em real skinny too.

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