Diff way to cock crossbow

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    Diff way to cock crossbow

    I just got my first crossbow just a few days ago. I got interested in crossbows due to a wrist injury. This injury prevented me from using a standard rope cocker. But I was unsure of investing anymore money into to whole crossbow thing until I was sure that I liked it. Also the crank seemed like it also would be a little louder.

    After researching different options on this website, and making a few small modifications, I have come up with a system that at least is new to me. I ordered a Horton summit 150, which has a pretty short power stroke and is easy for me to cock. I took a rope cocker, and a four wheeler tie down strap. I cut the hooks off of the four wheeler tie down strap. I then cut the end of the rope of the rope cocker and removed the T-handles. I then took each end of the rope of the rope cocker and tied it through the loops of the tie down that used to hold the hooks. I tied them with a bowlin knot.

    After making a few adjustments with the length of the tie down strap, I was good to go. I drape the tie down portion across my shoulder blades, and then hook the hooks of the rope cocker on the string. I then put my foot in the stirrup. I am still playing with the two different ways to cock it. One way is to do it by standing up. THe other way is to cock it by sitting down and push out with my leg. THe standing up way is a little hard on my lower back. THe sit down way is easier, but if the rope breaks, the crossbow is flying back at my face. I am still experimenting with it.

    I hope that this makes sense. Sorry for the long post. Thanks to Diss for the help.

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    Any time brotha..I'm glad you found something that works for you. I'm going to modify my method and implement what you've done. Sounds like it works great. And I agree, the stand up cocking method is a bit hard on the back. I was in a car accident a few years back and the slightest pressure on my back is something I pay for for days.
    Another type of rope you may consider using is 1/2" thick nylon. Its a very strong rope, thick enough to prevent burn and cutting into the skin. Or shorten the initial tie strap rope you had. Its thick as well, and the flat part sits comfortably over the shoulders. What ever works for you my man


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    a popular way of cocking light hunting xbows back in the days when crossbows were popular hunting weapons was a "belt claw"


    this device allowed the archer to use a leg thrust or the back muscles to set the bow rather than the arms
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super 91 View Post
    More than one way to skin a cat!!
    Sure is...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivo View Post
    That is an excellent page..I was trying to find a lever like the one illustrated for cocking my bow, but it seems that it has to be built into the bow in order for it to properly work.. Very useful information..thank you

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