2010 Trad Showcase


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    2010 Trad Showcase

    Post up stories / pics of your 2010 hunting successes with traditional gear!

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    Got this buck right at the end of the season in a snow storm. Shot two does at the request of the landowner, one on Jan,1 and one on the 3rd in IN. Time to get stands ready for later this year.

    Hope everyone has a great year.

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    Somehow.......I'm just not surprised to see you be the first poster in the 2010 thread Denny....

    Nice buck!

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    Thanks Steve

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    Feb 2009
    Carson WA.

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    Shot this young fallow buck in Argentina. Should have taken a monster, no excuses.

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    Well that makes picking a spot a lot easier. Congrats on the deer, Denny.

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    Shot this tom today in MI. Tomorrow is the last day of early season and I get to sleep in. YES!!!

    Jason, those spots are nice when I'm smart enough to use them!

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    There ya go Denny

    NICE bird!!!!!

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    Nice Buck Denny!!!

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    Just got back from New Zealand. Awesome country

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    Erie, PA

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    Lake George, Colorado
    You are a huntin machine.
    It appears that you are the only one able to post pics to this thread.
    Some awesome country and awesome looking animals.
    God Bless

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    Awesome photos!

    Looks like a great place to bowhunt, New Zealand. Congrats on your success in the field. Thank you for your photos of your trophies. Very classy and respectful photographs the animals. What an awesome experience that must have been for you.

    Longbows & Short Shots,

    Jeff Schulz

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    Thats gona be one special bow to you in a couple years after taking all 653 species of game

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    We have an early anything gos doe season open here. I hate the season, but figured might as well give everything a test run.

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    Took my wife out with me tonight and we both made double lung shots. Having peppered jerky, brats, smoked backstraps, breakfast sausage patties and links and burger made up.

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    I have been hunting this year with my Bear Kodiak Magnum, Autumn Orange arrows and WW 145gr heads. Well at 6:30 I had a small 5 point come by the stand who was feeding along on acorns, then about 12 turkey came into the scene. At 7pm a little 7 point came behind my stand, I was hoping he would turn right and pass by but he sensed something was up and turned left to drop down the hill and I spun around and made one of those shots we practice for. Fifteen yards hit him on the left side down though the lung and out the right side. It happened so quick that I had to replay it in my mind to really believe that arrow zipped thru so fast. He just walked about 20 yards, got wobbly, laid down and took his last breath. Can't ask for more of a gift. I am thankful for the blessing and quick humane harvest.

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    Good shot Dalebow!

    Shot this coyote as he was trying to catch a fox squirrel.

    Another doe for a friend's freezer. Waiting for the right buck to come by now.

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    All I can say is wow. Nice group of animals you have taken this year and those have got to be the two largest does I have ever seen !

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    First trad kill!

    My first RECURVE KILL!!!! Yearlin doe at 10 steps...I have already taken two with the compound and wasn't going to do anything with this one, then I came to my senses and realized that this is the perfect opportunity for my first trad kill...I thought to myself that I may not ever get this kinda shot opportunity for a long time, glad I did it, and with two good buddies to experience it with. To God be the glory...He is good!

    Quinn Stallion Classic
    40# at 29"
    Easton ST Excel .500
    100 grain Magnus two blade
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    Hoyt Vectrix
    Quinn Stallion Classic
    Quinn Comet XL
    "Hunting inside a fence, think about it, that's an oxy-moron" flyboy718

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    Congrats Flyboy

    Shot this buck in MI.

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    Got this one on Saturday, 48# Kodiak Hunter, double lung and went about 70 yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsturgisjr View Post
    Congrats Flyboy

    Shot this buck in MI.
    dude you are a killer
    Hoyt Nitrum Turbo. B-Stinger. Hogg It. QAD Ultra Rest HDX.
    PSE Supra Max . B-Stinger . CBE . Trophy Taker SS .
    Martin Mamba 44# @ 27" Gold Tip XT Hunters

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    Indiana buck. They were chasing hard this morning.

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