Laws regarding target archery on public land (california)


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    Laws regarding target archery on public land (california)

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and new to archery all together. There aren't many ranges near where I live so I'm trying to find an alternative that allow me to practice every day for long periods of time and is convenient. Obviously, the best option would be to shoot in my backyard, but unfortunately, I don't have the space in my backyard, or the balls to risk the possibilities of arrows flying and hitting my neighbors! So, as the title of this topic hints at, I've been looking into using public land to practice my archery. I live on the border of a large, 25 acre recreational public park so that was my first thought. I called them only to find out that the municipal code restricts the use of bow and arrow in public parks. I search the municipal code only to find out that there are no other restrictions for bow and arrows on public land so I'm curious to know if there are any other laws in California (Southern - greater Los Angeles area) that would restrict the use of a bow and arrow on public land? Now, the reason I ask is that there are many walkways from the surrounding neighborhoods that lead to the park, and these walkways are wide grassy areas with a small paved walkway in the middle. I look on a map only to find out that these walkways are not part of the park land, so I'm curious if I would be able to use this area to practice. The area I live in seems to love walkways and many do not lead to anything. There are several neighborhoods that are designed to have 1 entry point (street for cars) and runs around in a circle to exit the same entry point. In the middle of the circle of land is a walkway (surrounded by houses) that goes straight through the center circle of land. Would any of these grassy areas be legal to practice archery, given that there is antiquate space (which there is)?

    Edit: Oh, and the particular walkway I'm looking at is large enough so that I am not shooting parallel to the walkway but perpendicular of it (obviously not crossing the walkway) towards the houses. The houses are perched up on a hill that's 25-40 feet high. Essentially, I'd be shooting into a hillside, so this place is very public safe. Not to mention that this walkway is very very rarely used. I'd estimate a max of 10 people use it a day due. The opposing end of the walkway leads to a street that people rarely walk on.
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    To my knowledge there is no restriction on using or shooting a bow in los angeles county. I myself have shot just a bit further north in kern, and to the east in San Bernadino. There are laws about it being illegal to shoot in Lancaster thought I do not know about any of the other citys.

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    You can always call the sherrif's department and ask.

    A lot of places treat a bow and arrow just like a firearm. Be careful and ask first.

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