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Thread: Martin limb deflection # help. What do they mean?

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    Martin limb deflection # help. What do they mean?

    There are so many limb letter and number combos I am wondering what they mean?

    For example:


    Does anybody know? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    The Number on the side is the poundage range.
    lets take a Scepter. To get a 45-60 # bow,
    you need a Elite limb with a 7 deflection.
    The letters (L- M - H)are to match the limbs to each other.
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    The number indicates a 5# increase. The letter indicates a 2# increase.

    So, if you have 4M limbs and a 60# draw weight, a set of 5H limbs would give you a 67# draw weight.

    A *H limb, will be about the same as the next number up with an L suffix.

    So, a 5H is really close to a 6L. They will be within a pound or two of each other.
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    Martin uses a formula to mark the deflection of the limbs. 2H, 5M, 7L or whatever the deflection measures. Limbs are then chosen in pairs for a desired weight range, which can vary from bow model to bow model depending on the A2A and cam style, and maybe a couple other factors.

    The numbers designate the weight in 5# increments. The letters, L (low), M (medium), and H (high) refer to changes of about 2# each.

    Assume you have a bow with 5M limbs that peaks at 60#. To get 65# limbs you'd order one with 6M limbs---7M for 70#. Now suppose you want the bow to peak at 57-58#; you'd order it with 5L limbs. Conversely you'd order 5H limbs if you wanted to peak the bow at 62-63#.

    So Martin builds a bow at a certain poundage with what limbs they determine will do the job. Different bow models can have the same draw weight range with different limb deflections.

    The added benefit to some people is that they can really custom build a bow to certain specs by choosing their own limbs. Most people don't but the option is there.

    Make any sense?
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