"Tactical Knife"


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    "Tactical Knife"

    I made this one for a buddy of mine. He asked me to design and make him a knife to commemorate his current deployment to the sandbox.

    This is my version of a "tactical" knife. Instead of a "pig sticker" I wanted something that would be a good daily user. As soon as the leather man finishes the sheath it is off to Iraq.

    3/16" D2
    Canvas Micarta
    1/8" Nickel/Silver Pins
    1/4" Nickel/Silver Lanyard


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    Thats a great looking knife. Is the top edge sharpened as well?

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    tactical knife

    Nice! How much shipped to NJ 07871?

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    Thumbs up

    sweet...how much shipped to PA 15102?

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    wow, thats awesome. Great work.

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    nice looking knife clean grinds good job

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    Very very sweet knife! Tell your buddy thanks for his service!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 05_sprcrw View Post
    Very very sweet knife! Tell your buddy thanks for his service!


    And would you willing make another one? Cost? Shoot me a PM....

    NICE WORK!!!!

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    Where did you get the handle material?

    If you're interested I can CNC mill you blanks?

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    sweet. that will sell!

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    Thanks for the compliments!

    I sent my buddy a pic and he was excited about the knife. I hope it will serve him well.

    Right now I'm not making any knives to sell. I hope to be in a position soon to be able to do so but right now it is just an evening and weekend hobby.


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    Very sharp looking! (pun intended) How exactly is the handle made?
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    That looks awesome. Your friend will love it.

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    Tell me about the handle. Did you hand hollow grind the edge?

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    Not 100% sure but my guess would be coyote brown canvas micarta used for the handle scales...
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    The handle material is black canvas micarta. Unlike wood it is impervious to weather conditions, most chemicals and is super durable.

    If you are not familiar with micarta it is "a synthetic material made from paper (Paper Micarta), linen (Linen Micarta) or thick canvas (Canvas Micarta), impregnated with phenolic resin under pressure. It is extremely resistant to water, cold, heat, rot or corrosion." It can be had in many different colors and patterns.

    I went with canvas because it has a more "rough" texture than linen or paper micarta. I figured he would need a good gripping handle if he were to need it while wet or sweaty.

    The scales for this knife were actually black in color. Normally the black would stand out a lot more but I put this knife in the blast cabinet and blasted the scales. It raised the canvas "grain" and gave the overall look a grey tint. It effect looks good and really makes for a good, non-slip handle. If you wanted more of a black, smooth handle then all you would have to do is sand it down to 400 or 600 grit wet or dry.

    I bought it from here http://www.texasknife.com/vcom/index...th=587_826_841

    I’m using a 1X42” Delta Wood Belt Sander to grind the shape and edges on the knife. It is FAR from ideal but it works if you are persistent.


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    I might make a jig to put the edge on mine.

    D2 is good stuff but you have to heat treat it when you are done. It will hold a much better edge.

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    WOW! Very nice!

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