String Loop Rope .... what material does not stretch?


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    Question String Loop Rope .... what material does not stretch?


    We are currently using BCY Release rope but we've found it stretches quite a bit and have to often either cut it shorter and re-tie or put a new one in.

    Is there any String loop release that doesn't stretch?

    Anybody using the Brownwell Black String loop Release? If so, what are your findings?

    We appreciate any assistance you can extend

    Thank you and straight shooting............


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    I have found that all of the materials will stretch to some extent. More often than not, about half of the apparent stretch is just the knots tightening up when you put the front of a pair of needle nose in the loop and spread the jaws apart.
    In general you should use more force than you expect to exert when you draw your bow. If find if I do this, the loop will not stretch over time.

    Just as an experiment, after you get a loop that is stretched out and sized to the correct length, use a pair of needle nose pliers to carefully untie the loop and measure it's length. Make your next loop just a hair shorter than this one to account for material stretch and go from there. It seems to work for me.

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    Yep what 98 said. It all stretchs but not much it is the knots getting tighter.
    HDI Staff Director....It's indoor your bow treated with Phase Inhibitor?

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    Ya it all stretches but like others have said not much
    use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the first cow hitch tite
    then after tieing the second hitch use the pliers between the string and loop and open the jaws until you have close to the length you want then cut the end and mushroom the end then open the jaws to tighten the knot fully and to stretch the loop material.
    make sure to put the loop in the proper position because once you pull tight with pliers the loop will not move.

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    BCY is good stuff, it does stretch but after a little intial stretching it will last a long time. BUT if you are using a caliper type release make sure the jaws close all the way b/c the rope will flatten out over time and it might not seem like it but that rope will pull through, trust me a broken nose a black eye and a seperated shoulder later........

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    Contact Forrest Carter at Carter Enterprises.

    They have some Fastflite rope that doesn't stretch, and holds the knots solidly to the centerserving.

    or call: 208-356-7692 or 208-624-3467, and ask for Forrest

    Tell Forrest that field14 referred you and you're interested in some fast flite d-loop or release rope.

    Just let it float and SHOOT THE SHOT! Author of: "ProActive Archery", "The Puzzled Archer", "The Puzzled Cyclist".
    -field14 (Tom D.)

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    I'm still using the Black "Fastflight" loop rope I ordered from "Terrys Archery Plus" 5 years ago. I bought a 10' length (it's not very expensive). I have found like everything else, it does stretch, just not as much, in comparson to other materials.


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    the stretch that you are seeing is the knot tightening......

    all this talk about string stretch and stuff has peoples heads messed up

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    Thanks for all the replies. Much appreciated.

    Certainly added knowledge for us.

    May you have more time for enjoying your archery.

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    Black material from Brownell: tried it, but just too stiff and knots wouldn't stay put. I was also concerned that they might come undone. I now use their gray material and melt beeswax into it to stiffen.

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    We had heard one good comment (locally) on the Black String but had recalled reading that it was stiff. Your reply confirms it. Saves us the expense and possible frustration.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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