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Thread: String Stop for Trykon

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    String Stop for Trykon

    Looking for a good string stop for my 06 Trykon. I ordered one style that mounts in the bottom quiver mount hole but will not fit unless i remove my riser shox. I know there is also a style that replaces the Riser shox but i'm not sure if i want to replace it. Prb wouldn't make much diff. but i like the look of the riser shox better than mounting it there. I don't have the rear mount behind the stab. Just wondered if anyone had any other styles?

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    I have one like this and did not have to remove anything. It works real well, bow is dead quit.
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    I put a front-mount Fuse Stealthshot on my Trike and I have zero complaints. I like it because it's a lot less smaller and unobtrusive than a lot of other string stops.

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    String Stop

    Have you tried one from CoolhandLuke? I was thinking about buying one of his for my Xtec. Mine would also have to mount in the lower quiver hole.
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